Been raped? No worries. Pat McCrory thinks it's part of god's plan.

Folks, this kind of religious zealotry is what you can expect from every Republican in North Carolina, and Myers Park Pat is no different. A vote for Pat McCrory is a vote to accept rape as part of god's Master Plan.

The Romney Ryan plan

I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape that it is something god intended to happen.

Via email from NCDP

The McCrory Record On Choice:

McCrory Opposes a Woman’s Right to Choose: “I’m very much pro-life and that’s always been my stance.” In a post-primary press conference held May 7th, 2008, McCrory said, “I’m a conservative in the area of abortion. I’m very much pro-life and that’s always been my stance.” (McCrory Press Conference, 5/7/08)

McCrory would ban ALL public support for abortion, including victims of rape & incest: On the 2008 North Carolina Family Policy Council questionnaire, McCrory responded, “no,” when asked, “Should taxpayer dollars be used to pay for abortions?” When McCrory submitted his answers to this questionnaire he offered no exceptions for rape or incest victims. (North Carolina Family Policy Council Questionnaire for 2012, Question 5)

McCrory supported the Thom Tillis “right to know” bill that would allow a rapist to sue his victim for having an abortion: McCrory supported the House Republican bill that would require women requesting an abortion to face additional time & expense through a mandatory ultrasound procedure, then face a 24 hour waiting period to view the images, then sign a document the doctor must keep for seven years swearing that a patient viewed her the ultrasound, reviewed information on adoption. It was called “One of the nation's most restrictive abortion laws”. (WRAL, 7/28/11; H854 §90-21.88., veto overridden, 7/28/11; North Carolina Family Policy Council Questionnaire for 2008, Question 13; LA Times, 10/26/11)

McCrory would ban any school district or doctor from providing teens with information on birth control, even if voters approved it: McCrory supported a statewide ban on birth control & contraception from school districts or doctors, saying only churches & families should be allowed to provide any birth control information. (North Carolina Family Policy Council Questionnaire for 2012, Question 3; McCrory expanded answer to 2008 Family Policy Council Questionnaire, Question 4 submitted 3/18/08)

McCrory was endorsed by North Carolina Right to Life: In a statewide flyer, distributed right before the election, the NCRTL fully endorsed McCrory for Governor. (NCRTL Election Flyer, undated)


Hide the extreme

You'd think they'd hide the more extreme comments, just as a favor to Romney, for a few more weeks given how much focus there is right now in winning over undecided women voters, and with how much hubbub the Akin comments created.

Ten things you won't hear from Pat McCrory in tonight's debate

From NCDP email.

“The Tea Party philosophy is a good philosophy.” (The Morning Beat with Chad Adams, 1:20; 6/8/11)

“President Obama will not go away quietly.” (News & Observer, 6/5/11)

“The first thing I'm going to do is try to influence Congress and hopefully a new President to change Obamacare.” – Bill LuMaye Show, 6/10/12

Smart Growth is “a comprehensive plan of extreme environmentalism, social engineering and global political control.” – 2012 NCGOP Convention

Global Warming: “It’s In God’s Hands.” (McCrory on WHKY radio, 4/17/08)

On Children’s Health Insurance: “We're sending the wrong signals by our own government programs right now.” (NC Republican Gubernatorial primary debate, 4/10/08)

“Absolutely.” On whether he supports vouchers. (North Carolina Family Policy Council, “2012 Primary Election Voter Guide”; Republican Gubernatorial primary debate, 3/26/08)

“I'm the mayor of Charlotte, and I work for you.” – McCrory to Duke Energy CEO – not the people he was elected to represent. (Charlotte Observer, 7/23/97)

“I’m very much pro-life and that’s always been my stance.” (McCrory Press Conference, 5/7/08)

“No.” When asked if public funds should be used for abortions in cases of rape and incest. (North Carolina Family Policy Council Questionnaire for 2012, Question 5)