Behind the scenes on tax reform in North Carolina



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What it truly means to be a "battle ground state".

During the last election there was much discussion of the importance of winning the battle ground states as a means to winning the White House. The reality is that states, NC in particular, continue to be a battle ground long after the election.

The GOP can no longer win the ideological battle on the national level, and no one understands this better than they do. Instead of adapting to change, they have shifted their focus to controlling states such as ours, using us as an incubator for their political, social,and economic agenda.

All North Carolinians are not diametrically opposed to Republican policies, but the method in which they blatantly lie, misinform, and deceive the naive and ignorant into supporting policies that are against their own best interests are what we need to consider.

If their policies are so sound, why should they have to manipulate, obfuscate, and out-right lie about the information they're delivering? Paul Stam wants to undermine public education because it's "broken", even though graduation rates on are the rise and funnel public money to private schools and individuals. Phil Berger is proposing "tax reform" which would dramatically shift the burden of revenue to the poor and disadvantaged. Which in turn would decrease funding to programs such as education, health care, and environmental protections.

If what conservatives claim about taxes, government, spending, and social welfare were true, Sweden would look like Mississippi, and Mississippi would look like Sweden.

David Esmay

Battleground indeed

I wish more people spent more time fighting against the ongoing coup here in North Carolina, but for some reason many seem preoccupied with national politics. Obama won the presidency! they say ... while barely even noticing that our state has been taken over by an unelected dictator. All the progress we've made on the important issues you mention ... education, healthcare, and the environment ... is being dismantled by the Pope administration at lightspeed.

It is scary, scary stuff.

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Your last line is a great

Your last line is a great slogan that bears repeating, and often. I suggest you send it as a letter to the editor to every newspaper in the state.