Berger dismisses mentally ill group home problem

Maybe if these Alzheimer's victims joined ALEC they'd get more sympathy:

"I think it's very time-sensitive," Rep. Nelson Dollar, one of the bill's sponsors, said Wednesday – one day before the money Perdue provided can no longer be accessed..."It's an issue that we'll deal with as we go forward," Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger said. "I just don't know that what you're dealing with at this point is the kind of problem and scope of problem that seems to be described by some folks."

While Berger's reticence may be confusing to some, any farmer can tell you what's going on. It's called a pecking order, and it appears Phil Berger is using the mentally ill to teach a lesson to his House colleagues- "I'll decide what's a priority around here, not you."

"We really seriously do hope that the Senate recognizes this as a crisis," said Julia Adams, assistant director of government relations for The Arc of North Carolina. "There is no safety net for (group home residents). There are no other services to transfer into, and there are no other homes for those people to transfer into."

Dollar said he hopes the Senate takes action on the bill after it leaves the House.

If you think Senate Republicans will move on this out of a desire to help people, you're wrong. They'll want something in return. And when that other shoe drops, the NC House of Representatives will give up more than just a policy position. They'll give up at least part of their ability to steer the ship of state.



Berger is incapable of forward thinking. This guy lives in a bubble floating in a right wing nut fever swamp. This idiot lives in Eden. Eden used to be a prosperous town, one in which I spent a lot of time working in the mills doing up fits. Now it's a ghost town. This son of a bitch can look out his window and see economic devastation, yet he is oblivious.

David Esmay