The Bergermeister's campaign money problem

It looks like pay-to-play politics is back in style, with a vengeance:

State Senate leader Phil Berger raised nearly $2 million through the third quarter of the year, according to his campaign finance report.

Below are the top individual and PAC donors with listed "election sum to date" contributions.There is a caveat. Every sum listed below exceeds the state's $5,000 contribution limit. There are a lot of them, 42 individual contributors alone.

Bless his heart, Doug doesn't believe Berger's campaign received all that money, that it was a calculation error. There's been some calculating, alright, but it's more along the lines of, "If we get caught, we'll just claim ignorance and 'give' the money back."



I was going to list

some of the contributions, but the interwebs didn't want to cooperate. Kept closing the web page down and trying to thwart my diary-writing. Probably Berger's fault. ;)

I'll try again in a little while, but one of the names jumped out at me, $10,000 from John Fennebresque, who is now Chair of the UNC Board of Governors...

Hey, forking over cash to Berger

is a good investment.

Pay to play -- and if you want lots of playing time, Phil expects plenty of pay.

There was no reason for anyone to contribute to Berger's "campaign" this year other than to get on Phil's good side and expect something in return.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

Grabbed the list from Gullible Doug's column

A. Jenkins, Raleigh, Medical Mutual Insurance, $6,500;

Allen Gant, Burlington, Glen Raven, $8,000;

C. Nye, Raleigh, Martin Marietta Materials Inc., $6,500;

David Bryan, Fayetteville, Bryan Pontiac-Cadillac, $9,000;

David Griffin, Jamestown, (no employer given), $5,500;

David Powers, Winston-Salem, RAI Services, $5,500;

Edwin Melvin, Greensboro, Joseph M. Bryan Foundation, $6,000;

Elaine Wordsworth, Rocky Mount, homemaker, $6,800;

Jerry Wordsworth, Rocky Mount, MBM Corp., $8,000;

Steve Wordsworth, Rocky Mount, CPFRM LLC, $6,000;

Elbert Boyd, Raleigh, E Boyd & Associates, $9,000;

Fred Mills, Raleigh, Mills Construction, $9,000;

George Howard, Raleigh, Restoration Systems, $9,000;

James Bullock, Greensboro, Environmental Air Systems, $7,000;

James Lamont, Durham, Kalos Tours, $7,000;

Jasie Barringer, Greensboro, R.H. Barringer Dist. Co., $12,000;

Mark Craig, Gibsonville, R.H. Barringer Dist. Co., $10,000;

Teresa Craig, Gibsonville, Desert Image Arabians, $12,000;

John Bailey, Raleigh, GlaxoSmithkline, $6,500;

John Cato, Charlotte, Cato Corp., $5,500;

John Fennebresque, Charlotte, McGuireWoods LLP, $10,000;

John Kane, Raleigh, Kane Realty, $5,500;

John Vanderwoude, Chapel Hill, retired, $7,000;

Julian Rawl, Greenville, self-employed real estate, $7,000;

Kirk Bradley, Sanford, Lee-Moore Capital Co., $6,000;

Lee Fanning, Greenville, R.A. Jeffreys Distributing, $8,000;

Marshall Gurley, Raleigh, Centurion Construction, $6,000;

Max Joyner, Greenville, retired, $6,000;

Perry Safran, Raleigh, Safran Law, $5,750;

Peter Booras, Julian, Freedom Beverage, $6,500;

R. Davenport, Farmville, investments and real estate, $6,250;

R. Parrish, Raleigh, Summit Hospitality Group, $7,000;

Robert Barnhill, Tarboro, Barnhill Contracting, $7,000;

Roy Carroll, Greensboro, The Carroll Companies, $9,000;

Vanessa Carroll, Greensboro, homemaker, $5,500;

Royce Everette, Greenville, Time Investment Corp., $10,000;

Steven Eillis, Charlotte, Wells Fargo, $9,000;

Thomas Berry, Greensboro, Berico Fuels, $6,000;

Thomas Fonville, Raleigh, Community Properties, $6,000;

Victor Flow, Winston-Salem, Flow Lexus, $6,500;

Vincent Bratten, Las Vegas, Nev., Lightspeed VT, $7,500;

Wayne Holloman, Greenville, self-employed, $6,500;

AT&T North Carolina PAC, Charlotte, $10,000;

Employees Political Action Committee, Raleigh, $9,000;

MARQIM, Charlotte, $10,000;

N.C. Medical Societ State POL Education & Action Committee, $7,000;

Orthocarolina, PA Federal PAC, Charlotte, $9,000;

Corepac, Washington, D.C., $8,000;

Bank of America State & Federal PAC, Wilmington, Del., $9,000;

North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association PAC, Raleigh, $8,000;

North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association, Raleigh, $5,500;

Piedmont RAD for Quality Medical Care PAC, Greensboro, $10,000;

PSNC Energy PAC, Raleigh, $6,000;

REAP, Raleigh, $10,000;

Blue Cross and Blue Sheild of NC Employee PAC -- BLUEP, Durham, $10,000;

Time Warner Cable NC PAC, Raleigh, $10,000;

BB&T North Carolina PAC, Winston-Salem, $6,250;

Carolina Asphalt Pavement Association, Raleigh, $8,000;

Centurylink Employees PAC, Raleigh, $8,000;

Duke Energy Corp. State PAC, Charlotte, $9,000;

Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Cherokee, $10,000;

McGuire Woods Federal PAC, Richmond, Va., $8,000;

Nationwide Carolina Political Participation Fund, Columbus, Ohio, $10,000;

N.C. advocates for Justice, Raleigh, $9,000;

N.C. Beer & Wine Wholesales Association PAC, Raleigh, $10,000;

N.C. Chamber PAC, Raleigh, $10,000;

N.C. Dental PAC, Cary; $7,000;

N.C. Farm Bureau PAC, Raleigh, $10,000;

N.C. Outdoor Advertising PAC, $5,500;

$34,000 from RH Barringer

That's a lot of Budweisers...

Ugh ...

It looks like the only sources for Internet service in my area are TWC and CenturyLink. I'm a CenturyLink customer and now I find out they're throwing money at that embarrassing, corrupt, bigoted excuse for a human being.


That about sums it up.