Biden does it again

Two years ago, in a primary election that was ignored by much of the electorate, many LGBT North Carolinians not only cast their vote against marriage discrimination but also stood outside the polls trying to convince others that they were real people deserving of equal rights. I know I got sunburned at a rural Durham County precinct passing out literature at a polling site that day. But too many could not help publicly in the fight for equality because being gay is a fireable offense in too much of America.

That was May 8th. On May 9th President Obama came out for marriage equality. It was met with mixed reactions in the LGBT community. Some felt betrayed that this didn't come sooner. Some felt like they were being given a helping hand after a devastating election the day before. And some saw it was an important piece in setting the stage for the historic victories the LGBT community saw in the General Election that year as the pace of advancements for LGBT equality began to increase at a rapid clip.

However it was viewed, one undeniable impetus for the President's public evolving on marriage equality was Vice President Biden beating him to the punch by blurting out what he really thinks as he so often does. I'm quite sure I saw BFD t shirts being sold after his health care reform remark. Well, good ol' VP Biden has done it again.

President Obama declared during the State of the Union address that this year is the one of putting pen to paper, but there has still been hesitance to issue an employment non-discrimination executive order for the LGBT community. If that is because of any feared political consequences, then Biden's remarks this week saying that he supports it and that "I don't see any downside" to an executive order has surely taken care of that.

What political gain could withholding action now could possibly outweigh the untenable situation of having the Vice President out ahead of the President again? President Obama has often signed executive orders supporting the LGBT community around this time of year as June Pride Month approaches. As someone who proudly voted for President Obama I'm hoping he will take this opportunity to sign an ENDA-like executive order now. There are too many people trapped in the closets and on the sidelines when it comes to pro-equality struggles because of fears of workplace discrimination. The time for this important step towards a more fair society is now.


Amendment 1 & Tillis

As I recounted that day two years ago, I also recalled that while Tillis helped lead the legislature that put amendment 1 on the ballot he also stated that "if it passes, I think it will be repealed within 20 years."

Given the ever mounting number of court challenges to marriage discrimination bans in NC and around the country, I think we can do better than that.

Good ol' Divide-and-Conquer Tillis

I've seen countless acts of stupidity on the part of Tillis, but the act of pushing and voting for a constitutional amendment he believed would be repealed in 20 years is beyond the pale. It goes to the issue of judgement and temperament ... of which Tillis has neither.

The Republican establishment fears Greg Brannon

The Republican establishment fears Greg Brannon because he is running his own Wall Street type stock scam right here in North Carolina.

Hard to believe that he is still running after the jury did not believe his story. But I guess that is what makes the Tea Party crowd love him so. It makes you wonder if this is the best they could come up with?

It's the magic "C" word

The Tea Party crowd doesn't care how crazy or corrupt a candidate is, once he starts saying the magic word. Once Brannon said the word "Constitution" three times in a row, he became their Candyman. And when he babbles about "Chapter One Section Eight" or some other half-baked reference, they wet their pants in ecstasy.

Puppets of the Tea Party

Best comment of the year!

Pics from OutRaleigh yesterday

Though I missed this year's OutRaleigh, I know many folks who went, and I've been enjoying all the photos popping up in my twitter and facebook streams. I thought I'd share some here.

While not enough people voted in the primary 2 years ago, there's a chance to get more involved with the primary on Tuesday. There are 5 openly gay candidates running for state or national legislative seats and many allies as well. There has never been an openly gay congressperson from the south, so this could set up something quite historic.