Biden in Hillsborough

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Hillsborough, NC.

Vice President Biden's motorcade arrived at Hillsborough Fire Department at 4:12pm, where some firefighters and their families were waiting for the VP standing alongside a fire truck.

VPOTUS, making an unscheduled stop, entered the firehouse at 4:21 wearing a blue and white striped shirt (sleeves rolled) and dress slacks, no jacket or tie.

He spent a few minutes greeting the families.

"No dates till you're 30," the VP told one young girl.

After talking to a woman for a few moments, the VP announced, "I just found out we're related... If I got the choice of being related to one of you, this is the one I would pick."

He continued down the line of people in the firehouse, "Hey Jimmy," he said to one firefighter. "Hey Charles" to another.

VPOTUS then stopped to chat with a young girl, who introduced her cousin and her brother.

"Know what my dad you used to say? you have one job: Keep boys away from your sister," Biden said.

To another young boy, the VP offered up: "I used to have hair like that. Look what happened."

As Biden approached an older gentleman, the man told him: "I have a cold. I'll give you a fist bump." And the VP first bumped the man as the crowd laughed.

VPOTUS told the crowd he wanted to drop by and say "hi and thanks."

"I owe you guys," he said. "My family owes you."

VPOTUS told the story about losing his wife and daughter in 1972 at the start of his Senate career. But he credited "your counterparts in my state" for helping to save the lives of his boys after the accident. (It was the second time on Monday that VPOTUS talked about the accident.)

Before leaving the firehouse at 4:50pm, the VP worked a rope-line of several dozen people who waited for him outside.

"I wish I could stay. They got me taking off here," he said, inching closer to the motorcade.

"That is a pretty baby," he told the crowd pointing at a blond haired-blue eyed baby.

Before leaving the crowd and heading back to his SUV, He wrapped his hands around one woman's face and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

One woman shouted, "Good Luck!" As the VP got into his SUV.

For those wondering, The Hillsborough Fire Department was built in 1976 and is one of two stations within the Hillsborough Orange Rural Fire Department.

Amie Parnes

White House Correspondent

The Hill


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Unrelated topic, I know, but.......

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