Big Government Republicans now bullying Asheville on local elections

They way Republicans in the General Assembly are interfering in local governments, it's hard to understand why every elected official in every city and town in North Carolina isn't participating in civil disobedience on Moral Mondays. This kind of ridiculousness is simply beyond the pale.


Not long ago this used to be

Not long ago this used to be called blackmail.
It is amazing how the GOP always seems to be above the law no matter what they do.

Effect & cause

Just like that idiot Tim Peck, these Republicans have to grab at rhetorical straws to avoid facing the conflict of their anti-big-government ideology vs the big government bullying of the NCGA Legislators they support. It must be confusing as hell.

At least they're not pretending any more

Republican leaders used to try to create the illusion that they were working for the greater good. Now it's clear they're nothing but bullies trying to punish people they don't agree with.

Perhaps bullies is too kind a word. Maybe they're just assholes.

Yeah, that "caring" facade

breaks down pretty quickly when someone challenges their motivations.

On the one hand, I'm glad their egos won't let them keep the mask on very long. But on the other hand, the realization that voters don't seem to mind such assholishness is depressing as hell.