Bigotry on parade: Tami Fitzgerald whines about Moral Mondays

Apparently her God is elusive and very selective:

Where was your enthusiasm for pastoral participation when pastors from across the state showed up for pro-life day at the General Assembly, came out to speak in favor of pro-family education reforms or rallied across the state to pass the Marriage Amendment? There may be clergy present at these “Immoral Monday” gatherings, but that hardly means they are condoned by God, and it is completely inappropriate for the state’s largest paper to intimate otherwise.

If you really were pro-life and pro-family, you would be disgusted with the Legislature for cutting assistance to struggling families. The fact that you not only condone that but applaud it means you're nothing more than a bigoted hypocrite, who has created God in her own image. You better hope your idea of God doesn't exist, or you're in deep kimchee.


Just curious

The NC Values Coaltion spent a couple of thousand on phone calls supporting Mitt Romney during the last election cycle. They didn't report any contributions to the FEC.

You can see the pdf here.

Is the NC Values Coaltion an actual organization with supporters (and worthy of any attention on an op-ed page) or just Tami Fitzgerald and a few friends operating out of her basement?

The organization they (she) used was Angler LLC to place the calls. Anyone have any info on who owns this company? They're only accepting clients "via referrals".

It's curious that Angler LLC is so closed-mouthed about itself. It doesn't give any info about the company on the site and, if you do a whois lookup, the registrar for the domain used a third party to keep the names of the actual owners private.

Smells suspicious to me. Is that a shell company where PAC money is just going from the pocket of one extremist lobbyist to another? Or perhaps directly to a campaign?

Hmm ... perhaps the NC Values Coalition is connected with out of state money. Do a Google search on Angler LLC and you come up with this article about an Arizona PAC, Americans for Responsible Leadership, that dumped a large amount into the state against Obama at the last minute. They also fought the State of California to keep their donor list quiet.

ARL’s money is going towards phone calls to voters. Its Federal Election Commission reports say it is paying a North Carolina company called Headway Workforce Systems for “voter contact phones: personnel” and Washington, D.C.-based Angler, LLC for “voter contact: system.” Headway provides call center staffers and survey researchers. Angler specializes in “precise targeting” and “making sure that every dollar spent goes towards communicating with a target voter is critical to success,” according to its website.

And what about Headway Workforce Systems based in North Carolina? The company doesn't exist under that name. It's Headway Workforce Solutions, based in Raleigh. It's a big temp agency for retail and other areas. The CEO donates regularly to the RNC and Republican candidates in NC.

Anyone else care to dig a little more in the dark money rabbit hole of the NC Values Coalition?

My comment to the N&O -- very restrained for me :)

Tami Fitzgerald and her NC Values Coalition are certainly free to believe as they wish, and express those beliefs. She is not bound to approve of the Moral Monday protests and the people, including the clergy members, who take part in those protests. However, I find it objectionable that she characterizes the protests and their participants, singling out the clergy in particular, as "immoral." She seems to think that her personal beliefs equate to "morality," and those who disagree with her are "immoral." Her labeling her own beliefs as "godly" and those she disagrees with as "ungodly" is against everything I learned from the pastors and reverends who guided my own religious teaching.


Teddy, I would be VERY interested in any info you could find on the NCVC. Could share it on Turn NC Blue.

As much as I could turn up

That's about all I could turn up on the web on the NC Values Coalition.

That's the problem that the Supremes created for us with Citizens United - there's so much dark money behind PACs, you can't really see if something is a real "grassroots" organization, a "shell" for funneling money somewhere, one or two wackos in their basement, or some kind of issue organization backed by one or two big donors.

For example, the Human Rights Campaign did a lot of digging through public records to figure out that just five big donors are propping up the National Organization for Marriage. There's no way to tell who they are unless NOM gets "hacked" or someone on the inside leaks the info.

When you have groups like the NC Values Coalition turning over money to a private company like Angler LLC that's not even open about who runs the thing, then the money just disappears - for all we know, Angler LLC could be a legit company just working with conservative candidates and causes, a means to "launder" or funnel money to specific candidates, or just some scam that someone's making money off of.

I posted about one example awhile back at BlueNC - the NC Voter Integrity Project that was using a team of volunteers to comb through and challenge voting records in different parts of the state. Run by a conservative lawyer, who seems to be the only name you can associate with the thing, it's essentially a PAC. However, it's legally organized as a C Corporation (see their FAQ).

I raised the issue then and still wonder about this arrangement. A C Corp doesn't have to report anything to the FEC - it's a private company. However, this private corporation takes donations and uses volunteers.

It raises some interesting questions about tax liability for the corporation (or the lawyer running it) and about labor law (a private commercial company cannot use labor for free - they have to pay minimum wage for hours worked).

So is the NC Voter Integrity Project a charitable/educational organization? A political group? A commercial corporation organized to get a "bounty" for knocking certain types of voters off of the voter registration rolls? A scam for moving around political donations? Where's the money for it coming from? Who knows?

Organized as a commercial C Corporation, they don't have to disclose anything publicly. We'll never know for sure what the deal is with it unless the IRS and Department of Labor get interested or more information leaks that clarifies what's going on.

What can be useful is "crowd sourcing" this type of research. Just with twenty minutes of Google searching, I turned up info that raises questions about the NC Values Coalition and connects to a mysterious company working for other dark money campaigns.

What other kinds of connections are there between all these dark money groups and private corporations, both inside and outside NC?

Nice start.

You do the research and I will damn well publish it.


...I thought all those ministers, priests and rabbis at Moral Monday were (literally) practicing what they preach -- you know, compassion, treating others as you want to be treated, "what you do to the least of these, you have done to me", that sort of thing.

I didn't realize that Tami Fitzgerald had a monopoly on God.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

All one needs to know is

All one needs to know is this.
99.99% of all Teabaggers, Tpublicans are fundamentalist Christians or at least highly religious.
Not every Christian is a Tpublican of course, BUT it certainly appears as though the crazier they are, the more fundamentalist they are, (the dumber they are) the higher the likelihood of them being a rabid Teabagger/Tpublican.

Whom is it that fights as hard as they possibly can against their own best interest? Fundy Christians

Whom is that fights against Universal Healthcare, or hell even Obamacare which is nothing but a very small step to just make it slightly more possible for the bottom 50% to BUY PRIVATE INSURANCE! Fundy Christians

Whom is that spreads hatred towards gay citizens?
Fundy Christians

Whom is that tries hard to keep women subservient, paid less?
Fundy Christians

Basically the list is virtually endless and the culprits on everyone is Fundy Christians.

Reason being is quite frankly these poor delusional people do not really live on this planet.
They live on a planet that is 6000 years old, a planet of which is completely ruled by some figment of their imagination that in their mind has absolute power and control.
A planet of which this magical being is going to "save" no matter what we as humans do to it, thus Global Warming is either a hoax or of zero concern.
A planet of which all of its denizens are under the cruel thumb of this beast that will damn you to some mythical place they call hell simply for not believing in something of which there is absolutely zero evidence of.

These poor delusional people are living in a hell of which they are creating in their minds.
But this cruel planet of which they reside does not even resemble the REAL planet for which those of us that are sane live.

YET, and here is the kicker, the only possible way that ANY President or any government official Federal or State right down to dog catcher can even possibly get elected to rule this REAL country upon this REAL planet is to prove without a doubt that they do not live here, that they reside on this mythical planet of which already has a supreme ruler elected by its delusional denizens.
A supreme ruler of which made laws set in stone that can not and will not be changed over 2000 years ago.
A supreme ruler that is judge jury and executioner.

Now please explain to me how can it be possible for anything to ever work in Reality when all of those which make the laws do not live on this planet?

Also, please remember 99.99% of all Hate Groups and Terrorist Organizations are all Religiously based.
This is the legacy of religious belief and unless the human animal snaps out of this pre dark age world view I fail to see how we can possibly ever move forward.
We have what amounts to delusional psychotics in absolute control and 70% of the populace is perfectly fine with that.