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I just wanted to congratulate and share about the great work a coalition of ECU students did in getting an anti-voter suppression resolution passed by the Greenville City Council last night. The resolution opposed SB 666, cuts to early voting, and barriers to voting in general. Here's a little bit of the work that led up to it.

On campus tabling & rally:

Becky helping out with the leafleting before meeting with the Lovely Liberal Ladies of Greenville to talk about this resolution and other topics

Democracy Greenville meeting with ECU students & some council members:

ECU students speaking in favor of the resolution & presenting over 500 petition signatures:


Citizens Academy

This doesn't have directly to do with the students directly, although some of the students who were involved with the effort have participated before, but this is about a cool thing that the city of Greenville offers. Their Citizens Academy runs about 6 weeks or so and teaches citizens about "what the different departments do, how they operate, and where and when citizens can be most effective participating in the decision-making process."

I've been pushing some folks I know out that way to give it a try and maybe use it as a spring board for getting on a board or commission or even running for local office some day. We've got to build for the long term even as we deal with immediate issues. Anyways I just thought it was cool to see those folks getting their awards for participating in that last night as well, so I wanted to share: