The bizarro world of the Koch family

If you're curious about the two men trying to buy NC politicians, you might want to pick up a new book by a reporter for Mother Jones who used interviews and court documents to pull back the veil behind the Koch family.

From an ultra-libertarian father who had fascist sympathies, feared a "race war" that would be started by Communists, and feared his gay son turned out "effiminate" because he didn't engage him in vicious physical altercations with his brothers to the battles that included office bugs and rifling through trash cans for one brother's bid for control of Koch Industries, it sounds like an Ayn Rand novel gone horribly wrong.

How does a democracy survive two psychologically scarred school-yard bullies that can buy anything they want?


Three bullies

Don't forget about Art Pope. He's cut from the same stock. David Koch ran for VP and lost. Art Pope ran for LG and lost. They both inherited millions of dollars from daddy. They both decided they know better than the electorate, and are spending their millions to prove it.

It's really sick.