Black Tuesday


I can't decide

whether our legislature is a bunch of f/cking morons or a bunch of goddamned criminals. The answer is probably "both."

I know this will offend many of my women friends, but what the NCGOP is doing to North Carolina is the political equivalent of raping our environment and our schools. And if I believed in hell, I would surely hope they find a warm welcome there.



I think it's time

for me to take a vacation. If all the overwhelming evidence of the dangers of fracking isn't enough to make our legislators think twice, I can only conclude they don't care. They don't care what's going to happen to the people they are there to protect, and that disgusts me to the point I'm ready to walk away from this.

A vacation is in order

The train is already off the tracks, the only question now is how many people will have their lives ruined. A good time to take a break, because we need to be back in the fall with serious energy to defeat these assholes.

The aftermath

Great analysis from Rob Schofield

#1 – There’s compromise and then there’s plain old selling out.
#2 – Most biting (and accurate) online commentary
#3 - Wake up!!
#4 – Most useful conservative pawn of the session

With the death of Andy Griffith... truly is Black Tuesday. I shall forever hold the Republicans accountable for our native son's passing...undoubtedly because of a broken heart.