Blackwater [Academi] contracts for War on Drugs in Latin America

We'll they have done it again. The revolving door between the DOD and private military contractors has resulted in Blackwater, aka Academi, being awarded a sole source contract for the war on drugs south of the USA border.

Given Academi's history of lawlessness this is really bad news for the countries in the South. Academi's shoot first ask questions later policies will now be exported to countries unlucky enough to be under attack by the neoliberals. Given the mission creep that always occurs in these situations, this is also Academi's chance to emulate the CIA's drug running and arms supplying too. Maybe they can also make money flying their planes again for extraordinary rendition and torture. As they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same.


There's no end to the shame

This home-grown abomination of a company has brought to our state. Nor does there appear to be any end to the devastation America's Holy (Drug) War will bring to the people of Mexico.

If there were a god, she would never forgive this despicable public policy.