Blue Dog Democrats Call for Iraq War Funding Transparency

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingFrom Deputy Whip Largely's blog:

"What we know is that we’ve seen multiple reports of fraud and waste by the private contractors operating in Iraq. We’ve seen nearly $9 billion in reconstruction funds simply vanish. That is money that should be going to securing Iraq, protecting our troops, and bringing them home as quickly and safely as possible."
"The resolution, sponsored by Iraq War veteran and new Representative Patrick Murphy, focuses on four crucial points for installing fiscal responsibility over Iraq budgeting. The points are: a call for transparency on how Iraq war funds are spent; the creation of a Truman Commission to investigate the awarding of contracts; a need to fund the Iraq war through the normal appropriations process and not through “emergency” supplementals; and using American resources to improve Iraqi assumption of internal policing operations."
"We must realize, however, that we have already spent over $400,000,000,000 (that’s BILLION) in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, but money cannot make Iraq secure."

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThis is great news. While stopping short of calling for interrupting funding to the Iraq War effort, this resolution calls for the war's funding to be given the sunshine treatment. This is a good idea no matter who you are (unless you're Halliburton or Bush).

Congressman Murphy, Congressman Shuler and the rest of the Blue Dog coalition are framing this issue as fiscal conservatism as well as a moral imperative. What a creative way to get the issues of war profiteering and off-the-books budget busting into the legislative process.

Color me impressed.


Thanks Screwy

If you guys haven't been to the Congressman's blog at the Asheville Citizen Time, check it out and let him have a thoughtful piece of your mind.

I heard on CNN that if the

I heard on CNN that if the troop escalation is completed (which it will be) it will increase the cost of the war by $1 Billion per month and it was already almost $14B per month.

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