BlueDog Dem and anti-choice Rep. Heath Shuler of NC to oppose Nancy Pelosi for Minority Leader

Anti-Choice "C-Streeter" Opposing Pelosi for Minority Leader

By Jodi Jacobson, Editor-in-Chief, RH Reality Check

November 5, 2010 - 3:15pm
Published under: Real Time Blog | Election 2010

Remember the words, "Stupak Amendment?" Keep those in mind as you read further.

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi today announced that she would place herself in the running to become House minority leader when Congress reconvenes.

Pelosi, the first female Speaker of the House, was in large part responsible for ensuring the success of virtually every piece of legislation passed during the Obama Administration, including health care reform. Some bills that succeeded in the House failed in the Senate due to lack of effective action to pass them. Pelosi did not allow this to happen in the House while she held the gavel in her hand.

While clearly elements of some of these laws leave something to be desired--such as the ban on coverage for abortion care in private insurance policies--Pelosi's ability to navigate and garner majority votes from an often fractious Democratic majority has won accolades even from opponents.

Pelosi also endured--seemingly without batting an eyelash--a flood of mean-spirited and sexist campaigns against her by both Republican and Tea Party actors seeking to vilify her through the use of imagery and strategies devised by people with the maturity level of sixth graders, and in what could only be described as a bid to distract from their own lack of ideas, lack of experience, lack of true leadership ability, or all of the above


Pelosi, however, is being challenged by none other than Congressman Heath Shuler, a good ol' boy conservative southern Blue Dog Democrat. According to the Washington Post:

A fiscally-conservative Blue Dog, Shuler opposed the $700 billion bailout of Wall Street in 2008, President Barack Obama’s 2009 stimulus bill and the March 2010 health-care reform, caslling it too expensive. He was so diametrically opposed to the Democratic agenda at times that Politico said he was on top of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) “disfavor list."

Thrush, Glenn, “Pelosi’s list: Who’s on her bad side?”, March 2, 2009(2)

Shuler is also anti-choice, with an 85 percent rating from the National Right to Life Committee. And he's proud of it. I'm not sure whether this is "worse," but according to Jeff Sharlet, he also is a member of the "C Street crowd." He of course voted for the Stupak Amendment in the health reform bill, but after it was in there, opposed passage of the final bill.

Shuler was joined today by what a Roll Call headline ominously called "more Democrats," translating when one actually read the story into a total of two more men.

One is Congressman Albio Sires (D-N.J.) and the other is Dan Boren (D-OK).

Calling Pelosi a "lightening rod," Sires also said:

I think she’s been a very strong leader, I support her, but the result of this election shows we need some new direction and I think the best way is for her to move on."


Shuler is a "christ-less' christian

I am so sick of hearing about "C" street hypocrites.

Anyone who is a real Christian would see the need for healthcare above the pocket book. Shuler is a fool. His biblical knowledge is a bad as was his quarterbacking. When are we going to awaken to the thugery that is Christianity? Who will stand against such nonsense as Shuler represents?

On another note: Its time to tax churches.


I'm about as liberal as they come, but I still fail to see why Pelosi deserves another chance at leadership. During her term congressional approval ratings have hovered below 15% and she has allowed Republicans to exert overwhelming control over our nation's political discourse. While I don't support Heath Shuler's candidacy, I believe it is important to recognize that we need a leader with whom the average American can identify. Pelosi is one hell of a fighter and would be a fantastic minority whip, but her poor rapport with the voting public puts her at odds with the needs of our party at this moment in time.

Sorry - she didnt' have poor rapport with the voting public

The GOP manipulated the public opinion against the Dems. How many Americans supported single payer or at least a public option? Yet the GOP dug in their heels and the Blue Dogs helped them. So we need a fighter to lead our party, not the modern day equivalent of Neville Chamberlain. We don't need more suck-up Dems to lead our party.

I'd fight like hell for Nancy Pelosi, but I'd tell Heath Shuler to go back to Swain County and re-register as a Republican. We don't need no more Republican-Lite in the Democratic Party.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

so who do you want?

Polesi oversaw the most achievements in years. Most legislation passed and pushed forward. Is it polls you want to satisfy or results. There are over 400 bills I believe still awaiting consideration in the do nothing Senate.

Who made a demon out of her? The thugs targeted her from 2009. It wouldn't matter what she did. Same as Obama. How does identification with the "average" American get anything done in Congress? It's not a popularity contest its effective leadership. The dems have done nothing but cave - time and time again. The problem w/ HCR is that it doesn't go far enough. What will they do come the end of unemployment benefits - cave again?

Bonehead is a dispictable person in my book. But he is an effective bastard as is McConnell.

I think you need to develop a thicker crust and begin to fight for what is real -. Obama had better too, or I will leave him to sink alone. I too am liberal - in fact many think I'm a socialist. If Obama caves on the tax cuts to the wealthy - he's toast in my book.

Sorry we fight fire w/ fire or we're obliterated.