Boycott North Carolina

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you will have noticed that the Republican Party in Raleigh has pulled a U-turn on progress in North Carolina. From draconian budget cuts that undermine public education to radical gerrymandering of electoral districts to the Anti-Marriage Amendment to discriminate against gay citizens, our state is going to hell in a handbasket - fast.

Fortunately, there is one language the Tarheel Taliban do understand: money.

For business people. If you are a person who decides where meetings, conferences, tradeshows, and such are held, our request is simple. Choose another state, and let the leaders of North Carolina know about your decision.

For individuals who don't live in North Carolina. Spend your vacation dollars somewhere else. Buy your goods and services from some other state.

Those of us already here in North Carolina who believe in freedom and equality are working hard to oust the Tarheel Taliban from office. Whatever support you can provide from beyond our borders will be most appreciated.


That didn't take long

I am a boycotter from way back, and every time I suggest a boycott, someone immediately says something like this:

@JamesProtzman @bluenc Quit suggesting boycotts that will hurt all people. Most NC voters don't support this amendment. Do ur research

Note to the person who wrote this: It doesn't matter what "most NC Voters" think because "most NC voters" don't vote in primaries. That is what the Republicans are betting on. Feel free to do what you think will work to stop the Republican juggernaut, and I'll do what I think will work.

It may seem hopeless but it is possible that

the hate ammendment will not pass.

The Republican nominee could have already been essentially decided by then.

The ammendment itself could get more Democrats to vote in the primary. North Carolina has large number of both active and retired military. The repeal of DADT could have a positive impact on public perception and press coverage.

There some other less likely things that might happen that would increase the number of Democrats voting. What if the Governor got a primary opponent, or she decided not to run again?

If it does pass in the primary election but is still unpopular with the general population it might cause the Republicans to lose control of the General Assembly. That would at least stop them from doing even more damage. Can you image how bad they would be if this passed and they did well in the election? They would be even worse. What's next, firing teachers, taking kids away from their parents?

Like I said, there is some hope. I think the boycott idea would be turned around by Republicans and used to help pass the ammendment. They could try to deceive people by framing it as: "the Republicans are for the traditional definition of marriage and for North Carolina. The Democrats are against the traditional definition of marriage and for boycotting North Carolina."

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Republicans would not stoop that low or be that misleading.

You may be right

Republicans will definitely stoop to anything. You've given me some interesting food for thought.

My reasoning is more simple: If a thousand businesses said they would not move to North Carolina because of the amendment ... or if a thousand conferences took their business to another state because of the amendment ... regular people would be up in arms. They would be asking why we have a legislature that is doing something so stupid that it is driving businesses away from our state.

In the final analysis, I am not a tactician, nor am I even a political animal. I am just a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. I see wrongs and respond in whatever little ways I can. I hate what is happening in North Carolina. I am ashamed of our state and embarrassed by the bigotry and narrow-mindedness that is growing day by day.

I had a chance to host a meeting last week for a number of business executives. They wanted to come to Raleigh, but I said no. We went to New York instead. Total amount not spent here was probably only $5000. Multiply that by a thousand and you'd get some attention.

Good point. If this passes, it will hurt NC business.

Hugh McColl and many other business leaders have said this will be bad for business.

It's almost like Republicans think high unemployment will help them do better in the election.

Yeah, within moments of my Tweet supporting a boycott

Up popped this:

@pamspaulding Instead of boycotting #nc businesses, why don't we simply support those businesses that support #LGBT rights?

Like Stam and the rest of his crew care if we support pro-LGBT businesses, as we have seen, most business leaders remained neutral on the amendment. They are more likely to take a public position if the cash flow slows.

Pam Spaulding
Durham, NC USA

Pam's House Blend

Boycott only Anti-LGBT Businesses

Pam, I don't care about what Stam and his ilk think, I care about what other North Carolinians think, especially those undecided about this issue. WE should care about supporting pro-LGBT businesses. Stam and his ilk's position will ALWAYS be against the rights of the LGBT. But we need to sway the public's opinion to support our cause. And showing the neutral public how strong we are, that our hard-earned money will ONLY go towards businesses that support equal rights is what is important. Boycotting anti-LGBT businesses and only spending our money in pro-LGBT businesses seems like the proper thing to do.