Breaking: Richard Burr finally does something useful

It only took him five years - and the threat of a tough reelection campaign - to get off his ass and take a position against the Navy's misguided effort to dump an outlying landing field in eastern North Carolina.

Burr sez:

“This amendment restricts funding for an Outlying Landing Field (OLF) in North Carolina and Virginia until the Department of the Navy justifies the cost of its construction in a series of exhaustive studies that are to be submitted to the congressional defense committees,” a Burr spokesman said.

Hagan sez:

“The Navy has existing OLFs and military airfields. These facilities must be evaluated before planning any new OLF, which I, along with the citizens of North Carolina, strongly oppose.”

The truth is, Richard Burr could have given eastern North Carolina this message of support five years ago when the Navy was stomping on family farms in Washington County.