Bring on the Mo-Rawns

By now everyone has heard the endless headlines of a horrible turris plot being broken up in New Jersey. Keith Olberman (whom I've come to respect, even if I don't agree with just everything he says) pointed out what the sensationalist, breathless MSM neglected to tell.

These clowns videoed themselves in their "practice" then took the tape to the equivalent of a Photomat and transferred the tape to DVD.

Catch that, if you will. Went to a photomat to make a DVD. Hardly the hallmark of a secretive turris bunch. Had this been an actual emergency, they would have kept their "plot" completely secret until it was executed.

Never mind that they had no money, no workable plan and were stupid enough to use a very public method of documenting their harebrained scheme.

Reminds me of going to the market in Boca. Some old guy is yelling, "is it fresh?? NU! The fish! Is it fresh??" I could imagine the Jersey turris in much of the same scenario, yelling to one another, "Is is loaded? Nu!! The gun! Is it loaded awreddy?"

Their "plot" had to have been put together by a 4th grade playwright. Perhaps, in a video game a group could get all the way into the middle of a base, burn up a few HumVees and miraculously escape scot-free, undetected and with zero casualties. No person with a mental age over, ohhhh, say, nine or ten would believe such a thing could possibly work or even be serious.

Only in Amurrica is this headline news. Jeepers creepers (sigh)

Let's see, now. What are we now, Oh for Three? Each and every "sinister turris plot" has turned out to be some bunch of mo-rawns.

Honestly, such hype helps neither the wide-eyed, breathless poodle-press nor the FBI/Vaterland Sicherheitsministereum (Homeland, uh, "Security"?). I begin to wonder if even Republicans are buying it any more. And if they are, well, see what we get for allowing mo-rawns to vote for mo-rawns who chase even bigger mo-rawns.

Mo' mo-rawns. Nuff said.

Let's digress just a moment. Now we have had real threats to society: the UnaBomber, abortion clinic bombers, the Olympic bomber, Timothy McVeigh, to name a few. (All white guys, didja notice that? Whups! Okay, add the DC snipers for inclusivity. Not an Arab in the bunch.)

Nobody in the media seems to be mentioning that the extreme right wing (Bush's base -- he claimed them as his own) aren't afraid to use threats, violence, coercion, and less explosive forms of terror in order to force their hatreds and rigidly sick way of life on the rest of us. Nobody in the media mentions that since BushCo's coup d'état, membership in hate groups like the Klan, southern separatists (League of the South), neo-nazi groups, etc has increased by 40%. By any definition, these are terrorists, because they employ terrorist tactics against their fellow citizens.

Nobody in the media is mentioning the fact that James Dobson has created a school to turn out "lawyers" whose only purpose is to overthrow the Constitution and our constitutional government, to replace it with a theocracy. Yet, these people are walking around loose -- and in very sensitive places in our government (over 140 persons that we know of).

Not a damned word, nor has a one of them been arrested as they deserve to be. If the FBI and DHS are truly looking for threats to American democracy, then we'd be hearing about Dobson and his minions being carted off to Gitmo rather than folks they just snatch off of streets. Nope, not a peep about people who are seriously plotting to overthrow the Constitution. But then again, Dear Leader informs us that "it's just a goddam piece of paper".

Hold on there, buddy. Generations of my family have defended this land against tyranny since before there was a United States. That piece of paper remark offends me and seven generations before me. I served in two military branches and made the same promise both times: to protect, uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Furthermore, if the Dobsonites want religion running government and religion in school, may I offer them the suggestion that they should carry their asses over to Iran. That's what they do over there. Not here in America.

Ah yes, the rub, though: over 90% of the aforementioned groups will reliably vote Republican. One looks at the shambles of the Republic Party and the mess they've made of our nation, the incompetence, the systematic bigotry, the xenophobia, the graft and corruption -- then one looks at the makeup of the Republic Party and there is no question as to why.

Again, if this doesn't cause every patriotic American to get off his or her arse and vote these people out of power and to round up the true enemies of the Constitution, then our nation is lost. We have at least one more chance to vote in 2008 (so far, we do) and already the Republic machine is in action to suppress voters and to cheat their way into remaining in power.

While the actions of the media are appalling enough, to me it's even more appalling that Americans would sit idly by as their nation and their way of life is stolen right out from under them. (Just keep watching the shiny object and repeat "It's more important to keep Paris Hilton out of jail than it is to defend my rights and country".)

Enough with the mo-rawn shows and tabloid spew from Murdoch et al. This is serious now-or-never time; time to make damn sure that we out-vote them by a clear, cheat-proof margin. We did well in 06, but if we don't put the true enemies of America out of office in 08, it will most certainly be too late and G'd rest America, the once-beautiful, now despoiled and G'd rest her Constitution; it was a great run while it lasted.


Sounds like a Revenge of the Nerds movie plot

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Good analysis Rev

I've been screaming at my TV again over this. The Pom-Pom press is at it again. They claim that the govt has been watching this for 18 months, but the "real" hero here is the photomat guy that turned them in. Hmmm, something smells there. An awful lot like the terrorist set up by the CIA/FBI whomever in Florida last year just before the elections. Didn't work then either. Do you suppose the investigators were foiled by the photomat guy and had to release it sooner than elections? Aww well, plans, mice, men and all that.

I'd still like to know who in the Pentagon released those anthrax filled letters....

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

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Oh, thanks for reminding me!

Remember a-way back when, when the National Enquirer got anthraxed? I worked in Boca right across from that building.

They never have found a thing about the perp(s) and the event has completely vanished from American memory. That's another one for the list of very real turr plots that has never been solved.

The color-code du jour went away really fast when the word got out that it only went up around election times (11 out of 13, wasn't it?).

But boyhowdy can they dig up the clowns.

BTW, several states had elections this week, which makes the timing of this lasted fiasco even more suspect.

"The most unamerican thing you can say is 'You can't say that'" - G. Keillor

A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.
Mohandas Gandhi

VERY interesting indeed

A tic-a, tic-a, toc-a timing....

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

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Thank you for the making the Dobson correlation.

His machinations have been far more lethal to our country's security than any "turris plot"

I had the same reaction to this news as when Boston was shut down for a day. CNNN&N was on red alert and I just brushed it off as a Rove stunt. Of course we know what that turned out to be...Aqua Teen Hunger Force, the movie, ads.

Well the good thing about Dobson

is that it seems like he is content to follow in Falwell's footsteps. There was a time in which he seemed like he might have some important characteristics that Falwell lacks (judgment, decency, faith in God), but these traits have been obscured by recent positions Dobson has taken.

He seems to think that he gets to decide single handedly who the GOP nominee is.

As far as ATHF goes, if they ain't a threat, who is?

It is not Frylock, Meatwad, and Shake that I am worried about...

But those adolescent hooligans, the Mooninites. They pose a far greater risk to us than Carl's neighbors ever will. (Even though Shake is a self-aggrandizing, get rich quick, member of the Greedy Oil Party).

We must take the fight to the Mooninites. We MUST FIGHT THEM THERE so we don't have to fight them here. As is well known, they are in position of WMDs, such as the "Foreigner Belt." These evil Mooni-fascists MUST BE STOPPED!

I call on all patriotic Americans to do all that you can to repel these unearthly Terror-Dogs!


The Great appear great because we are on our knees – Let Us Rise!
-- “Big Jim” Larkin

The Great appear great because we are on our knees – Let Us Rise!
-- “Big Jim” Larkin

CM, the Mooninites are organizing

the rest of the monsters. Did you see? And they're giving us the finger as hard as they can!!!!

AFAIC, they need to focus

on their own damned families and leave mine alone. And mitts off my Constitution, too.

"The most unamerican thing you can say is 'You can't say that'" - G. Keillor

A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.
Mohandas Gandhi