Broke Back Democrats

Well here we are again.  Faced with another tough decision: Do we Stand Up for Principles? Or Do We Lay Down, Bend Over, And Get These RepubliCON/Obama Tax Cuts Rammed Down Our Throats and be Told to Like & Love?  I think we ALL know what Will happen.  We As a Party are going to Cave!  We are going to concede defeat Fully!  We are going to Bend Over and Take It!  Our Will, Our Spirits, Our Backs have been Broken!

Isn't it ironic?  The RepubliCON/Tea Party said that their Goal was to "Break" President Obama but Obama has dragged the Rest of the Party Down with him!  They made it no secret what they planned to do.  They were Crystal Clear in the Strategy they were going to use.  Totally Opposition.  Total Obstruction But the True Irony is that the "One Thing" that the RepubliCONS & President Obama agree on could Very well be the thing that Ends up Breaking the Democratic Party and President Obama.  

To me this is Unforgiveable!  I watched Good Democrats lose All over the Country this year and here in North Carolina in the Legislature primarily because of the perceived Weakness and Lack of Leadership of the President.  They took the Fall for his Failures but when the going gets tough what do we see the President do?  He Takes up Policy Positions SOOO Far to the Right that one can only question what does this Guy trully believe?  Who is this Guy?

What can any of us do?  We are beaten, battered, brusied, and now we have been betrayed!  If we don't Stand for Anything then we Deserve to Fall! We aren't Fit to Lead!

Compromise comes from the Weak who are willing to make the Best out of a Bad situation!  Just as in War when you are Winning you Don't ask for a cease Fire, you don't look to negotiate.  You look for Total Unconditional Surrender. It is my Belief that the President has Weakened his Own position!  He has Weakened his Own Chances of Winning in 2012!  He has Weakened the Entire Party!  If the RepubliCONs had any respect for the President you can rest assurded that they have lost it.  His willingness to Bend over to them so quickly so easily how could they Respect him?  And with it he has lost the Respect of many Loyal Supporters that have been trying to Pull Up & Push the President Forward.  Instead he saves his Fight, His Venom for us!  His Loyal Left!  

The Senate will Cave, they will likely Bend over and take this proposal.  The House will Kick & Scream but they to will Bend Over and Take this proposal.   The RepubliCONS will start the New Year with the President in control.  Total control in the House and basical controlling the Senate (blue dogs + RepubliCONs).  And they will be able to do what ever they want because they know the President & Harry Reid aren't going to Fight them!  They have been Beaten & Broken!


True that

I agree with you. It's all over except for the burial. In my view, it'll be a good long while ... probably a whole generation ... before the consequence of the Republican steamroller are clear to average people. And by then, the likely recourse will be street-fighting.

The corporatists have won the battle, and they're just arrogant enough to think they've won the war. Things are going to get ugly.

This will last longer than a Generation

We will be in the Wilderness for 40 years. At least in NC anyway. It will take at least a Generation to repair what is left of the Left/Liberal/Progressive Movement! Then another generation fix all the Problems the Right has and will create. By then we will no longer be the World Power. The Empire will be in full decline. We are already in decline now.

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!

What happened ?

"Total control in the House and basical controlling the Senate (blue dogs + RepubliCONs). And they will be able to do what ever they want because they know the President & Harry Reid aren't going to Fight them! They have been Beaten & Broken!"

But President Obama went into office with both a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate. And now here we are wondering what in the hell happened. When you have the advantage you are supposed to use it! I cannot think of any President who went into to office with so much going for him. A great opportunity has been wasted. My own belief is that Obama surrounded himself with those who told him what he wanted to hear rather than what he needed to hear. I am still baffled over the escalation in Afghanistan! Everyone in the world knows the outcome of Afghanistan and Iraq - except the current administration. Bush handed Obama a hot potato and Obama is adding butter and sour cream.

On the local level we lost the right to redistrict. That will be the great victory for the Republicans for years to come. I doubt they will squander this golden opportunity.

You are right

They are going to Take Full Advantage of this. They will make it almost impossible to take back the General Assembly anytime soon and even Congressman in safe District will be put at risk. It's going to have Long Lasting affects.

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!

Although I have to agree that Obama is not the leader...

he claimed to be, and has been a complete disaster, much of our problems can be laid on the too easily led electorate. I think about the Delaware senate race where O'Donnell, while in a debate, claimed that the constitution didn't have anything that said there should be a divide between church and state! And she racked up a fairly larger vote than anyone would guess. I think about my own representative, who has voted for every 'free trade' agreement, and anything the oil companies could want. And even with the local papers saying people are worried about jobs leaving, my Rep, once again, gets 68% of the vote! I grew up in the 40s & 50s, with many immigrants very limited in their educations, but they did have a feel for who was on their side, and would never accept cutting the taxes for the wealthiest people, while they struggled with the post WW2 budgets. People now seem to be easily confused, and dumb as rocks!

It's the "Media" and the Big Money That Controls It

The Media is where people get their Information however misleading and diluted it may be. IEach network trys to put it's own Spin on the News. Each Network decides what it considers News. Same goes for Newspapers and Local NewsStations. The Media has No Obligation to Cover a particular story and they are obligated to Tell people all there is to know about the Stories they Do cover. Since the Beginning Men have understood the Power of the Media and they have Sought to Control It. Money is the easiest way to control people, it's the easiest way to control Politicians and it's the easiest way to Control the Media. We need Politicians and Media Outlets That Aren't Controlled by Money! That's why I like LinkTV (DirecTV Ch. 375) I don't like being Told What I should believe or what someone else wants me to think is True. I want the Pure Unadulterated Truth. That's What We Must Seek! That is Why we Can't Be Blind Followers! That is why we must Ask the Hard Questions! Silence is Death!

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!