Brunswick County BoE proposes book-banning committee

Seems like a good storyline for a novel:

The Brunswick County Board of Education is considering forming a community media advisory committee. During a policy meeting on Tuesday, the board discussed clarifying current policies on book challenges.

The community committee would advise the board should a book challenge be appealed, and curriculum directors will provide an additional summary of each book on the eleventh and twelfth grade AP English reading list for the year.

If I'm reading that correctly, the proposed committee would only take action if somebody appeals a challenge. If that means what I think it does, that all somebody has to do is challenge a book to get it removed from the reading list, and the only way to stop that is for someone else to come forward in defense of said book, then we have a much deeper problem than previously thought.


There is too much reading going on in Brunswick County!


Someone will take a stand against the problem of TOO MUCH READING happening in Brunswick County schools.

Reading should be made more difficult whenever possible.

If reading gets any easier in Brunswick County, we'll just have to start taking the books off the shelves.

Oh... wait...


The children of Brunswick County

don't need their minds polluted with facts and a variety of viewpoints. The next thing you know, they'll be thinking critically all on their own, and we certainly can not have that.

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