Burr pushes small business under the Fortune 500 bus

Throwing a pillow over the face of job creators:

Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) has introduced legislation that could devastate small businesses nationwide and in his home state of North Carolina. S. 1116, the "Department of Commerce and the Workforce Consolidation Act," could eliminate all federal programs to assist small businesses, costing the nation millions of jobs.

While Burr has a wealth of bad ideas in his pocket waiting to be released, this one may rank near the top in its destructiveness.


Follow the money

As it gets sucked upwards:

"Senator Burr's bill is designed to direct 100 percent of federal contracts to Fortune 500 corporations," said ASBL President Lloyd Chapman. "If the bill passes, small businesses that create virtually all net new jobs will be excluded from federal contract programs."

It seems as if there are a

It seems as if there are a lot of bad ideas coming out of Washington DC lately and from the state level governments as well. I wonder if they will every get their act together and do the right things instead of the political things.

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