Burr tries to flog the Benghazi dead horse

Apparently "feelings" are now a credible intelligence resource:

This bipartisan report is a step forward in our understanding of these events, but should not by any means be viewed as a final verdict. To the extent this report is incomplete, it is not due to the Committee's unwillingness to investigate, but the State Department's intransigence.

Despite the Committee's best efforts to investigate all relevant threads of information, I still feel strongly that there remains a disappointing lack of accountability. It is my hope that this bipartisan report will serve as a foundation to continue the discussion and search for answers."

Of course it could have been avoided. This was not a natural catastrophe, it was man-made, and any such situation would have different outcomes if behaviors had been different. But serving in any capacity (journalism, NGO volunteer, diplomatic corps, etc.) in a post-war, post-revolution environment is inherently dangerous. And Republicans' obsession with this particular incident, which had a relatively small loss of life (not downplaying it, it's a fact), is drawing attention away from numerous other threats that still exist. And that negligence rests safely on the backs of those who are trying to generate political capital from what happened in Benghazi.


Their obsessions are so predictable

Whatever they think can put a damper on Hillary's likely candidacy, that's what they'll focus on.


Look for that phrase to become the rallying cry for the Know Nothing Party and its longtime champion, Do Nothing Burr.


In which the President intentionally sacrificed the lives of consular staff in Libya to deflect attention away from his plan to institute Socialism using doctors and insurance companies. #BenghaziCare

Something about Hillary running

If Hillary runs for president and wins, she will be the second oldest person to run for a first term as president next to Bob Dole who was 73, at least in the past century or more. She would be 70 when she took office in 2017. Raygun ran for his second term and won not only being older but also obviously having some kind of dimentia or memory problems. I do wonder if she will actually run. She could very well be the first woman to become president of the United States which would be historic. I was a Hillary person against Obama, so she'll get my support for sure. But, I wonder about how our younger voters will see Hillary. Would a younger Ted Cruz or some other younger notable republican take away that vote for democrats? Would some of the younger crowd actually just not vote because of her age? Something to consider. I know much can be said against what I'm saying. I have wondered about that ever since Hillary's candidacy became something to consider. Might make for some good discussion here.

I am a Women! Vote for Me!

I have wondered about that ever since Hillary's candidacy became something to consider*Hillary Supporter

Nope! What for? Just another Clinton like Obama who will lie their Butt off thinking they are saving the Day for the 1% Wall Street Terrorists Bankgangter's like the Repubs who will be lying that the Bushes can walk on Water again and save the Day for the 1% Wall Street Terrorists Bankgangter's

Despite his efforts to obscure all relevant facts

I still feel strongly that Sen Burr is a dishonest ALEC tool who looks out only for the 1%. It is my hope that his knee-jerk partisan actions will serve as a foundation for his removal from the Senate by voters.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014