Burr was FOR the nominee before he was AGAINST her

What happened over the past four years to cause Burr to change his mind about this judicial nomination? Only one thing. Richard Burr became a mercenary in the War on Obama.

Perhaps part of the reason for the resubmission of the nomination was the recent coming to light of a letter from 2009 (reported by The Huffington Post) in which Burr explicitly endorsed May-Parker for the seat! Apparently, the White House has concluded that Senator Burr cannot maintain such a blatantly disingenuous stance and stonewall the nomination in silence much longer without drawing significant negative attention from North Carolinians.

Good catch, guys.


The man has no scruples

And North Carolinians have no memories, at least when it comes to Dick Burr. He's flip-flopped on so many issues it boggles the mind, but we keep sending him back to DC.