Calling Bob Orr, again

Here are some questions I hope Bob Orr sees and answers. For those who don't know, Bob Orr is an exceptional North Carolina citizen, who used to be on the State Supreme Court. He's the only sane and reasonable Republican I know, and I'd trust his answers to these questions.

  • Are courts in North Carolina a co-equal branch of government?
  • If so, it is possible for a court to act swiftly and boldly in order to remedy egregious behavior by another branch?
  • Does the GOP's regerrymandering plan of Berger and Lewis qualify as contempt?
  • Could we looking at a constitutional showdown?
  • If so, who would win?

Bob Orr walked away from the GOP convention because they nominated Trump. Dallas Woodhouse thinks Orr "hasn't been a good Republican" for a long time.

I consider that high praise.




I offer this as a term of art for the "redistricting plan" Republicans are working on.

I'm curious, too

And the longer they delay redrawing the maps, the stronger the argument is that *everything* they've done since 2011 is unconstitutional.

If they think they've seen a lot of lawsuits already, they may be in for a huge surprise...