Campaign finance irregularities in Insurance Commissioner race

Apparently ignorance of the law is an excuse:

Causey, responding to Goodwin's letter, told Bartlett that no laws were violated knowingly and all expenditures were reported properly. But Causey acknowledged he failed to report a $1,020 in-kind contribution for the ads to Collision Expert, a Charlotte-based trade publication for auto body shops.

I was under the impression that failing to report "in-kind contributions" was a serious offense, leading to DA investigations, plea-bargaining for criminal offenses, etc. Or does that just apply to Democrats? I guess I'm just confused...


Sorry, Wayne

I meant to post something on this the other day, but it slipped my mind. Which has been happening a lot lately. I'll ratchet up my ginkgo biloba dosage, if I can remember to do it...

Big money

I think the citizens of North Caolina are tired of Big money Politicians and watching our Insurance rates going up and up. The 80/20 heath care act is a good thing but then you have bluecross blue shield advertising heavy to off set getting any rebate back from them......
I think the people this year is really going to upset the apple cart and start fresh with new people and new ideas

Reply to TimeforaChange

My Google search this morning popped up the main post by scharrison, a post I agree with ... Reading the late comment to that post by the person named TimeforaChange, I'm thinking it is someone who perhaps doesn't remember that it was Insur Comm'r Goodwin who ordered BlueCross to refund over $156 million to about 200,000 families a few years ago. The newspapers and others declared it historic. I say the legislature and Congress should give state insurance commissioners more authority so they can rein in costs and rates even more. North Carolina law gives authority over automobile and homeowners insurance rates, which Mr. goodwin and his predecessor, Mr. Jim Long, have used. As a result, North Carolina has the lowest automobile insurance rates in the south and lower homeowners insurance rates than many southern states. State insurance commissioners need the same authority for health insurance, IMHO.


Bush budgets went from 5800 on 9-30-01 to 11,900 on 9-30-09.
6100B Increase.
How much was from Tax Cuts—Two Wars---Part D unfunded?
Anyone have the numbers?
How much did those 3 add to debt from 9-20-09 to 8-15-12????

clarence swinney