Campaign Manager's Letter to the Editor (NC-5)

Yesterday, the Winston-Salem Journal posted my Letter to the Editor (BlueNC was down on my end so I couldn't post it then). LTTE's are valuable assets for citizens to voice their concerns to the public at-large. I wanted to share my letter with you and give insight into the philosophical undertones of Roger Sharpe's campaign.

With my background in psychology and religion, I have come to understand that both fear and hope are strong motivating and mobilizing factors. These emotions help give us meaning and purpose and are guiding forces for our actions, beliefs and thoughts. Fear keeps us under our blanket each night, while hope gets us out of bed each day.

The choices for Congress in the 5th District this election could not be clearer. As campaign season is nearing closure, let's listen to the messages of hope and fear posited by candidates Roger Sharpe and Rep. Virginia Foxx.

Unlike his opponent's, Roger's message envisions a brighter future for Northwest North Carolina. Highlighted by his experience, Roger firmly believes that even a small number of people of goodwill can help usher in change. His reasoned and positive views on the issues respect the dignity of all and envision that communities come together to solve our nation's problems. Roger Sharpe is the candidate of hope.

I am unsure what will get people out to vote on Nov. 7. As for me, it will be the hope for a better America. Hope with me. Hope for North Carolina. Hope for our future.



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Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

A great letter indeed....

and exactly right. I'm so grateful to have had the pleasure of meeting Roger the other evening in Statesville and was so impressed. He read a couple of pages from his book and I was so moved by both his words and presentation. His presence in Washington would be a blessing for NC-5 and well beyond. Thank you Drew, for all you are doing to make that a reality.

Conscious evolution, it's what turns me on. There's got to be a difference between right and wrong.-DTB