Can Pat get back?

Gary Pearce has interesting thoughts today about the box canyon surrounding our erstwhile Deputy Assistant Governor.

Pat McCrory looked this week like a man urgently pushing the reset button. Like a politician who desperately wants to change course before he goes off a cliff. So first he talked about teacher pay. Then he praised Jim Hunt. Then he was at the airport greeting President Obama, then in the audience listening to the President’s speech. While other Republicans bashed Obama, McCrory talked about a partnership with the White House ... But three people stand in the way of a reset: Aldona Wos, Phil Berger and Pat McCrory.

I respectfully submit that there are at least four people standing in the way, and possibly five.

John Skvarla, the bull in the DENR china shop, is North Carolina's next big crisis waiting to happen. His irresponsible actions are already stirring talk of legal challenges on multiple fronts, and it's going to get a lot worse once he reaches stride. And when Skvarla's turn is over, look for Sharon Decker to step into the crisis cross-hairs with a flurry of scandals resulting from the privatization of Commerce. That's already in play, too, with a battle royale brewing with the legislature.

Sadly, Pat McCrory has stacked his administration with people who hate government at their core. By definition, they lack the stewardship skills that are part of public service. Add to that volatile mixture his thin skin and stubborn streak, and you have a hapless figurehead with nowhere to turn.


Now even GOP voters have turned on Sec. Vos

Editorial: Charlotte Observer, THURSDAY, JANUARY 16, 2014

Are Republicans turning on Aldona Wos?

Every time some Democrat calls on Gov. Pat McCrory to fire Aldona Wos, the governor probably gets a little more entrenched in support of his embattled Health and Human Services secretary. The last thing the governor is going to do is fire one of his leading appointees -- and one he has endlessly defended -- just because his political enemies urge him to.

But what if the governor's fellow Republicans turn on Wos? That would seem to change the equation. And according to a new poll out today, it's happening. The survey from Public Policy Polling found that Republicans think Wos needs to go, even more overwhelmingly than Democrats do. Republicans think Wos should be fired by a 41 percent to 12 percent margin (with the rest undecided). That's more animosity toward Wos than that shown by Democrats, who want her fired by a 37-17 split. Overall, close to half of respondents didn't have an opinion on the question, but 38 percent think she should be replaced to only 14 percent who think McCrory should keep her on.

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Martha Brock

#6 = Art Pope

Conventional wisdom would have a successful businessman pushing for more engagement on the Federal level to leverage grants, loans and other programs. But Art isn't conventional. The more we distance ourselves from the Federal government, the more influence he wields with the budget. Plus, he's made his bones attacking government and anybody who relies on it, and he ain't gonna change anytime soon.

Any department

Let's be honest here. We really don't know what the next crisis is going to be that bubbles up from the depths of the McCrory administration. All it takes is for violations of some Federal law to emerge, a whistleblower to finally go public, or just plain incompetence to cause some part of the state government to come to a grinding halt.

Take your pick among McCrory's appointments to state offices. There's plenty to choose from.