Can you say "corporate money?"

There seem to be a few folks around here who don't yet understand the term "corporate money" and how it might have been used to illegally influence North Carolina primary elections last month. It all comes down to this little form, which shows that Variety Stores, Inc., owned by Art Pope, contributed $200,000 to the Republican Legislative Majority of North Carolina, Inc. There are pages and pages of these available from the State Board of Elections. One should be enough for any honest person to follow Pope's trail of sleaze. Click on the image to see how easy it is to buy an election.


The click on the image thingy isn't working

I'll check again tomorrow. I have to go read.....Plato, tonight. Socrates got on my last nerve!

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I just clicked it and it worked.

Maybe the Sock Puppet has jinxed your keyboard. What a doofus that guy is. But I really did like Betty Crocker's response . . . that one made me laugh.

Good work today.

Can You Say "Public Disclosure"

I will let you know whether Betty Crocker is just trying to be funny, or really knows her stuff, after I try out her recipe.

Meanwhile, keep making my points for me, that RLM has complied with the law and disclosed its income and expenditures. Who is funding BlueNC? Where are your disclosures to the public? Are you going to at least add an “about us” section to your web site?

Meanwhile, you Southerners are supporting hockey, and the Hurricanes won. The nex thing you know progressives and conservatives may be able to have an intelligent discussions on issues, Daniel Siler obviously excepted.

Investigative Reporting: BlueNC - Den of monkeys and thieves?

BlueNC is run by a band of thieves and code-monkeys who dwell in the cursed caverns in the bowels of Raleigh, in the fiery pits of the east, and in the unforgiving mountains of the west. A loosely tied organization, much like Al Qaeda, they offer aid and succor to the lowly Democrat. These miscreants have refused to offer any information regarding which monkey-boy pays to host the site on a "server". The Googlin' ads on the sidebar make it clear that Al Gore must have his niggling paws in on this somehow. Rancid communists and monkey thieves intend to pour ruin on our system of good ol' boy network, corporate whoring, and winknudging through this website, BlueNC.

Dirty, dirty, dirty.

Scrutiny Hooligans -

Read up on the regulations

Hey Socrates... Read up on the regulations. I took a look at the documents I have from the NC State Board of Elections regarding political action committees as well as state laws on electioneering.

PACs (527s) are prohibited from taking money from corporations, businesses or labor associations. That is in the PAC guidelines from the state.

State Statute 163‑278.92 prohibits corporate funding for electioneering communications.

It is very clear. If RLM used corporate money to pay for what is decided to be electioneering communication, then they have broken the law.

And could you please get it through your head that BlueNC is NOT a PAC or 527 and that speech on the internet does not fall under the jurisdiction of the FEC or NC State Board of Elections? If and when it does, then you can start complaining about public disclosure from BlueNC. Gosh... what don't you understand about this little site here... it is a freaking blog community for goodness sake. Should all bloggers be required to go through with public disclosure because they are speaking their opinions and stances?

Matt Hill Comer | The Q-triad Blog

And let me add

I hate "trolls" (defined by wikipedia as "someone who comes into an established community such as an online discussion forum, and posts inflammatory, rude or offensive messages designed intentionally to annoy and antagonize the existing members or disrupt the flow of discussion").

I have people like that coming on to my personal blog all the time. It gets annoying.

Matt Hill Comer | The Q-triad Blog

Mince meat pie

In the grand tradition of Betty Crocker and Daily Kos, have some pie Mr. Sock Rats.

5 c beef round; ground
4 c suet; ground
3 c apples; peeled and chopped
1/4 c orange pulp; chopped
1/4 c lemon juice
3 pk currants; (11 oz. each)
1 c brandy
3 c sweet cider
1/3 c finely chopped orange peel
3 pk raisins; (15 oz. each)
1 pk chopped candied citron; (8
2 lb brown sugar
1 tb salt
1 tb cinnamon
1 tb allspice
2 ts nutmeg
1 ts powdered cloves
1/2 ts ginger


Combine all ingredients in large saucepan. Simmer 1 hour, stirring
frequently to prevent sticking.

Prepare pine home-canning jars and lids according to manufacturer's
instructions. Pour mincemeat into hot jars, leaving 1" head space. Remove air bubbles with not-metallic spatula. Adjust caps.
Process pints 20 minutes at 10 pounds pressure in a pressure canner.

Yield: about 12 pints

You Go Get Em Matt!

WAY TO GO MATT!!! At least you do something that Socrates didn't do! And that was to be very knowledgeble and well educated on the election laws! Bravo! We score again!
Thanks for your work Matt!

BlueNC Prefers Smear Campaigns to Open Debate?

Matt Hill Cromer, of the new NCAC 527, I enjoy a good debate, but please at least debate what I said, rather than a straw man.

Again, and as simplistically as I can state it, my point is I believe in free speech.

I made the point early on that BlueNC, as an internet web site, is, at least for now, exempt from FEC and NC campaign finance laws and regulations. I completely agree with that exemption. I don’t think the web should be regulated by the FEC or the NC State Board of Elections.

I did point out that BlueNC is using that exemption (and/or the exemption as a “news” organization) to try and elect progressive candidates, without making any of the public disclosures required by 527s, pacs or others. That is why I challenged BlueNC to VOLUNTARILY make disclosures about its own financing, since it was so busy attacking RLM which had made required disclosures. Voluntarily of course means that BlueNC does not have to disclose anything if it does not want to, it can just exposes its hypocrisy instead.

In regard to RLM, if you had read the entire statute and State Board of Election file, you can read where there are express exemptions from “electioneering communications.” The State Board of Elections has not held that RLM has violated the law, the Board took no actions to stop RLM’s activities before the primary. If the State Board ever holds that RLM has “broken the law,” then you can say that. (I do give you credit for being smart enough to use the “if . . . .then . . . .” clause about allegations of breaking the law, unlike some of the other posts on BlueNC.)

And again, what RLM did was to disclose Richard Morgan’s and several other Republican legislators, voting records for and support of the politically corrupt Speaker Jim Black. All the mailers referred to legislative voting records. Anglico now states that he never implied those mailing about Morgan were lies or distortions. As a Republican, I make no apologies that we voted the politically corrupt Richard Morgan, Jim Black’s partner in the “pay to play” corrupt culture at the Legislature, out of office. Why are you, Anglico and others at BlueNC so mad at Art Pope, RLM and Republicans for successfully opposing Richard Morgan? When are you Democrats going to do more than just whine about Jim Black?

And NCAC, as either 527 or 501(c)(4), better be very careful to comply with that law itself. If NCAC sent out mailers listing legislators voting records on legislative bills, or were to run radio ads criticizing legislators who supported or sponsored the “Defense of Marriage Act,” thirty days before the Short Legislative Session convened, which is also 30 days before the primary, then you would be subject to the “electioneering communications” statute, unless you followed one of the express exemptions, as RLM did. Again, my point is that RLM and NCAC, as 527s, have the same rights, or lack of rights, to engage in free speech and issue advocacy.

As to being a troll, please quote any rude or offensive language that I have used, and I will apologize. I believe it is Anglico’s profuse use of profanity and referring to people as whores, who has been rude and offensive.

But then, if you consider any conservative or Republican daring to speak up, debate you or others on issues and facts, as being a troll, then I plead guilty. For progressives, you guys sure are intolerant of dissent and open debate. Do you really prefer using the internet exemption for one sided smear campaigns as the best way to elect your candidates and defeat the opposition?

This is good, Sock Rats.

Based on your effusive style, I'm guessing the Puppetmaster must be paying you by the hour! Or maybe by the word? Keep it coming, though. I'd much rather see his money wasted on you instead of buying more elections. Cheers!

PS How was that chopped liver?

We don't have any financing...

Is your skull too thick to get that aspect of this? Lance told you that. We all write for free. If anyone is financed...I my REPUBLICAN husband.

It doesn't take money to run a blog. You can read the Google ads. That's it. You can grasp that, can't you? No money, no backers...just our own commitment.

You admitted to reading the know who we are. This is the last response I will give to your questioning until you actually read and show some comprehension of our responses. Otherwise, you are taking me away from more important topics I need to write about.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

You are right

All PACs have to follow the thirty day rule.

They also have to follow the prohibition against corporate contributions. As clearly shown by RLM contribution records, corporate money was indeed contributed to it. That is, no argument, illegal.

Matt Hill Comer | The Q-triad Blog

Yo, Soc

You don't have an issue you're bringing here. You have a demand that some private people tell you their private business because you like Art Pope and want to distract from the issue of his lawbreaking politicking. Get your own blog or address the Pope issue. Attacking the messenger and creating a issue where there isn't one ("THOSE BLOGGERS WON'T GIVE FULL DISCLOSURE! HYPOCRITICAL LIBERAL DEMOCRATS!") is the hallmark of the Republican party these days.

Let me guess - you're a Rove man.

Shoo fly. Whenever your point is addressed you shift to something else. You are clearly here to annoy and to disrupt. If you want to have a debate over Art Pope's role in the NCGOP then stick around, but you're not here to debate anything. You're here to push some strange agenda coupled with a need for attention. I, for one, really need to stop giving you the attention because, like a three year old, you don't care what kind of attention you're getting.

Scrutiny Hooligans -

Thanks, Screwy. Well said.


And that's just what they're reporting

Lord knows these guys have to be exploiting every angle and gimmick they can to funnel even more money in service of the evil empire. You gotta hand it to them. They're good at being bad.

It's all about power.

The GOP will do ANYTHING to seize power in government. And as Bush and his rubber-stamp corrupt Congress have shown, once they get the power to govern, they SUCK.

-$3 trillion in budget defecits under Bush
-diplomatic relations with the rest of the world down the tubes
- Did I mention corruption?

Why should it surprise anyone that they would resort to illegal corporate funding of election activities to seize power?