Cashing in on America's single biggest mistake



My two cents as expressed on Facebook:

This story hardly needs my commentary, but you're going to get it anyway. The refugee crisis that has resulted from the Syrian civil war, a war we helped to foster, has displaced hundreds of thousands of children, but we don't have any room for those children. Let some other country deal with the problem. But if you've got a half-million dollars to invest in one of the Trump/Kushner real estate projects, out comes the fricking red carpet. This isn't some complex web of business partnerships with no evidence trail to follow, it's blatant corruption; the outright sale of government-issued Visas for private profits. Don't hold your breath waiting for the investigation.

Seriously, someone should go to jail for this. Not just the selling of Visas, but possibly for outright fraud. We don't appear to even have the proper treaty requirements to authorize E-2 Investor Visas, although it could fall under some other plan I haven't been able to locate.

*Edited to add: It looks like it is legal, through what's called an EB-5 program. Congress was going to get rid of it, but decided to extend the program to at least September of this year. I wonder why. Maybe it's because the Kushner's have already done this fishing expedition in China for 50+ of their other properties?