Challenge to McCrory and NCGA: $350 a week

Unless you're too afraid to walk in another man's shoes:

Community leaders and advocates for the unemployed are calling on Gov. Pat McCrory to live for one week on the maximum employment benefit of $350 weekly that lawmakers are considering. Challenge sponsor Action NC will hold a news conference Monday in Raleigh. Action NC policy director Kevin Rogers says McCrory doesn't understand what it's like to live on so little money.

And for those who are so removed from reality they have their accountant balance their checkbook: if your monthly mortgage is $1,050, your light bill is $200, your cable bill is $100, and your cell phone costs $50, well. You better hope you're invited to a dinner party every night, 'cause you got nothin' left for groceries.


And so it begins...

What's the first thing ol' Pat does? Orders pay hikes to all his appointed cabinet buddies, I guess not enough voters heeded the warnings of a McCrory-run state. One of MANY reasons why I conscientiously dropped out of American "democracy". Then he decides to further screw the already poverty-level workers by knocking their income back further in favor of paying off some of the deficit a year early. Since he's unwilling to see what it's like to simply survive on $350 a week, then it seems perfectly reasonable to demand he answer one simple question: What's on the table for getting all these people re-employed?