Charlotte Observer tells Republican County Commissioner to resign

The Charlotte Observer published an editorial today that asks Coy Privette to resign.
It's nice to see a newspaper getting it exactly right and saying what I've been thinking as well:

his criminal actions highlight a lack of judgment. He championed morals to fuel his political career, and clearly did not practice what he preached.

Mr. Privette has received a very sweet deal in court the other day.
His criminal record will be expunged if he completes 48 hours of community service and serves a year of probation. For some strange reason he will not be prosecuted for filing a forged affidavit, which would carry much more severe penalties, even though that is why the whole investigation started in the first place.

And to respond to some republicans that tell me "what about Clinton?", there's a ton of difference between those cases. The most important being that Monica Lewinsky was not a prostitute! She didn't get paid for her services by blank checks that later got falsely reported stolen. It was sex between consenting adults. Furthermore, Bill Clintons political career wasn't build on being the "champion of morals". Bill Clinton also didn't need "psychological treatment", which Privette was ordered to get and is already receiving. Do you really want a politician who is supposed to represent and take decisions for you to have psychological problems?

Even though I'm definitely not a fan of Privette, I'm not asking him to resign because I like to get rid of him, but because it is the right thing to do.
If I had political motives I would ask him to stay on, because he'd be such an easy target in a next election and I'd love to see him replaced by a Democrat at that time.

However, If you claim to be the "party of family values", you should act like it.
Mr. Privette, resign now.

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Is Commissioner Coy In?

And the North Carolina Republican Party
should also be demanding his resignation - though I expect to be deafened by their silence.*Anglico

Ring! Ring!

Good morning! North Carolina Republican Party HeadQuarters. How may I direct your call?

Yes! Commissioner Coy Please!

I am sorry but we have no Commissioner Coy working here.

Listen Lady! I know that pervert!, now connect him with me!

Who's calling Sir!

I am his probation officer!

Oh! Well you can find him at the Blue Star motel, room 666. If a women answers, tell her you want to speak to sweet lips. Have a nice day and remember President George Bush loves you too.