Civitas goes looking for voter fraud. Can't find any.

Fran and the kids at Civitas have been on a witch hunt lately, trying to find evidence of voter fraud. As Progressive Pulse points out today, the one example Civitas has found (1) is not an example of voter fraud and (2) is not the result of any action taken by the citizen in question. The "fraud" was nothing more than a clerical error.

But don't hold your breath waiting for Colonel Fran to correct the error in the blog post, just like you shouldn't hold your breath waiting for an apology for his infamous seat-belt screw up.

When I was trained as an officer in the Navy, lying was not part of the syllabus. Looks like they did things differently in the Marine Corps.

Semper fi, Francis.


Regarding the seat belt brouhaha, Colonel Fran sez:

If anyone wants to send me video and photos referenced above that show a seat belt being worn in this video I will be happy to post and acknowledge that a belt is in fact being worn as required by the law. I just do not see it in this campaign video.

Sorry, Francis. You're not a colonel any more, and no one is going out of their way to wait on your lazy butt. The evidence to prove you're wrong is easily available. Find it and clean up your mess.


Well well well…

RNC cuts ties with firm over voter fraud allegations
Election officials in six Florida counties are investigating what appears to be "hundreds” of cases of suspected voter fraud by a GOP consulting firm that has been paid nearly $3 million by the Republican National Committee to register Republican voters in five key battleground states, state officials tell NBC.

And the article says this firm was also engaged to work here in NC.

Anyone heard about this yet?

The suspected fraud included apparent cases of dead people being registered as Republican voters, said Paul Lux, the supervisor of elections in Okaloosa County and a Republican. He compared the suspected fraud to the alleged acts of ACORN, the liberal activist group that became the center of a national controversy several years ago.

"It's kind of ironic that the dead people they accused Acorn of registering are now being done by the RPOF" [Republican Party of Florida], Lux said in an interview with NBC News.

Dear gawd…

-- another not-so-newbie North Carolinian ;-)


We sort of broke this story here at BlueNC four weeks ago, linking the operation to Sproul, "Republican paid voter registration operation linked to fraud", and expected there would be problems. We even got feedback from a Palm Beach reader.

Fast forward to this Tuesday when the Palm Beach Post first reported on 106 questionable registration forms. The Brad Blog picked up the story when FL GOP fired the firm and, based on our post linking this operation to Sproul, Brad was able to lay out the connections. Lee Fang at The Nation who has been tracking Sproul took it further: GOP Quietly Hires Firm Tied to Voter Fraud Scandal for Work in Battleground States. Yesterday the story snowballed. Mark Binker at WRAL first reported that NC GOP dropped the Sproul outfit: The NC GOP parts ways with firm linked to voter registration fraud. It went national with that NBC News post which was followed by AP reports and an in-depth story by the LA Times: RNC cuts ties to firm after voter fraud allegations.

Separately I got a call from a person in Nevada who personally witnessed and reported similar fraud.

See, I said earlier at dKos

See, I said earlier at dKos that I need to check in more around here ;-)

Thanks for repeating this in your reply and for all those links.

I remember Sproul from when I was in CA and a lot of folks went to NV to campaign. What a slime ball.

-- another not-so-newbie North Carolinian ;-)