Class warfare and NC GOP Exceptionalism

Wikipedia defines exceptionalism as," The perception that a country,society, institution,movement, or time period is "exceptional"(i.e. unusual or extraordinary)in some way and thus does not need to conform to normal rules or general principles."

The state's GOP leadership have decided that their exceptionalism allows them to abandon the ethic of responsibility, thinking, and behavior that historically defined the rules of good governance.

The "exceptionalism" of the NC GOP has been on display for several weeks, most recently yesterday, when the coward Pat McCrory signed legislation behind closed doors rejecting the expansion of Medicaid that would help 500,000 NC ctizens.

It was on display yesterday, when the state Senate led by Republican sociopath Phil Berger approved a bill eliminating the state's EITC for low and middle income families.

It was on display Tuesday when House Republicans lead by ALEC legislator of the year Thom Tillis and Rep. David Lewis chair of the elections committee, did exactly what I have predicted and began their quest to pass a politically divisive and unconstitutional Voter ID bill.

It was on display last week during Education Week on Jones St. when the duplicity of Captain Doublespeak Thom Tillis' was never more evident when meeting with representatives of our public school systems, systems which now rank behind every state in teacher salaries except West Virginia and Mississippi. NC now ranks below Mississippi in per pupil spending, only Texas, Utah, and Arizona spend less.

Thom Terrific's response to superintendent's, principal's, and teacher's concerns
was brief, screw you, do more with less and here's some voucher's to pass around. Don't bother me while I'm pursuing the agenda ALEC has given to me to dismantle your public education.

Conservatives and Republicans are always whining that increasing taxes on the wealthy and corporations is class warfare, they are always complaining they and their "values" are under attack, this goes hand in hand with the paranoid delusion that they sell to their constituents, that the government they are so desperate to control is their enemy.

What's become obvious with the NC GOP and conservatives in general, is that they on talk to themselves all the time in order to reinforce their views of the world and society. The problem is when their ideas are applied in the real world and they get pummeled by everyone else.

They won't let reality into their inner sanctum of deliberations, if they could drop the self-deception and just acknowledge we are no longer in the 19th century we would all be better served.

When your ideology has become retrogressive to the point that improving the lives of your fellow citizens jeopardizes your effort to maintain power and control over the state, and force it and us into the street, what "value" does it actually have?