Cliff notes

I was glad to see that Brad Miller voted against the "Avoid the Cliff" compromise that passed through Congress like so much shit through a goose last night. (Mike McIntyre also voted against it, but I'm guess he was probably just confused.) The process was sausage-making at its worst, producing a rank piece of legislation that offered as much to corporate interests as it did to actual people, while doing nothing to rein in our insanely bloated defense budget, the grand-daddy of all special interests.

The winners? A predictable lists of corporate power players like Disney, Goldman Sachs, and NASCAR. All of which means that 2013 will be nothing more than business-as-usual in an America where companies have more rights than human beings.


It's worse than you think

Read it and weep

Personally, I never thought I'd see the day that Democrats held a victory party because we locked in virtually all of the Bush-era tax cuts and working people saw their paychecks decrease at the same time.


Primary them all -- Price, Watt, Butterfield

For those that want to work for change within the Democratic party, nothing would be better than tossing these corporate sellouts in the primaries.

The districts are now so gerrymandered that there's no possibility of a loss to the GOP, so prep now for a run in the May 2014 primary. Start going to every chicken dinner and Rotary Club in your Congressional district.