Cliffside joins the ranks of "high hazard" coal ash sites

"State of the art" or artful misdirection?

This month, Duke was again cited by NCDENR (the Department of Environment and Natural Resources) for deficiencies in five steam stations in the state, including the Cliffside Steam Station in Rutherford and Cleveland counties. According to a June 13 notice of deficiency, the Cliffside station’s inactive coal ash basin has a dam between it and the Broad River.

“The condition of the…structure appears serious. Your dam is categorized as a high hazard dam,” the notice reads. “In the event of dam failure, significant environmental damage to the Broad River could occur due to the release of coal ash stored behind the dam.”

If you'll remember, the Cliffside Steam Station has been the subject of much controversy in recent years, with the construction of a new coal-burning facility that many believed was unnecessary and would be dirtier than predicted. Permits were granted anyway, but in the future, such new construction should require an assessment of the entire Station's grounds, including "retired" coal ash ponds. Fix "a" before proceeding with "b", or the permit for "b" will not be forthcoming. I know. Makes too much sense.


Duke Energy

has a big dam problem with their dam coal ash and their dam arrogance and their dam environmental and human harm.

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Thanks scharrison!

This is "very local" for me and my friends.

The Cliffside Steam plant is just a few miles upstream of The Broad River Green Way in Boiling Springs, NC.

The Green Way is a very popular attraction on the river for fishing, wading and swimming for people from Cleveland and Rutherford Counties.

Information regarding Cliffside starts at about 10:00 into this video.....