Climbing trees while the forest is burning

A while back, I wrote about the devil's deal unfolding in the legislature. But even with my deeply held cynicism, I couldn't have predicted the sham in progress. They're not just robbing Peter to pay Paul, they're stomping the shit out of Peter, and telling Paul he's going to be next if he doesn't toe the line.

Meanwhile, establishment pundits are in a tither about whose austerity budget will see the light of day. Is McCrory as irrelevant as he seems? asks Thomas Mills. Will Berger's bluster trump Tillis' tantrums? Will teachers take the bait?

Lost in all the noise is the inconvenient truth that none of the teacher pay plans has a snowball's chance in hell of being funded even close to what's needed. McCrory's plan was dead on arrival, having been developed without kissing the ring of Phil Berger. Berger's plan is dead on arrival because state revenues are swirling down the toilet, guaranteed to get worse with every passing month. And Tillis' plan is not a plan at all, but just another duck-and-cover move to insulate him from criticism in his Senate campaign.

When supposedly informed people write and talk about all these tempests in the GOP teacup as though they are legitimate policy proposals that can actually be implemented, those people do a disservice to us all. There is no there there. For these plans to be successful, the budget cuts in play would have to be delayed and then eliminated. That's not going to happen.


Not worthy indeed

Comparing wages in Boston vs. Murphy, NC, makes sense if you're talking about actual salaries, but we're not talking about actual salaries. We're talking about poverty. $10 an hour = poverty in Murphy, just as $10 an hour is poverty in Boston.

Tillis is an arrogant, privileged son of a bitch. He made millions as a consultant selling stay-out-of-jail cards to banks over the years, while the people doing the real work in his company sucked wind. He has less moral standing to talk about income and equality than Marie Antoinette.