COA decides in favor of Pre-K program

Adding to the list of reasons to support Sam Ervin IV in his bid for the NC Supreme Court:

The North Carolina Court of Appeals ruled unanimously Tuesday to uphold a lower court decision that says the state cannot deny at-risk children admission to public pre-kindergarten programs. Legislative leaders said they plan to appeal the decision to the North Carolina Supreme Court, so it's doubtful any changes would take effect this year.

I don't expect Tillis and Berger to read this or take it into consideration, but: When your assaults on the Constitution are so great you have to rely on a bent Supreme Court to protect your bad policy moves, don't you think it's time to sit back and say, "Wait a minute. What is it we're trying to do?" Part of what was upheld:

[based] on the record now before the Court,
it appears that the State has taken the prekindergarten program (formerly MAF) established for at-risk 4 year olds and reduced the number of slots available to at-risk 4 year old upwards of 80% without providing any alternative high quality prekindergarten option for at-risk 4 year olds at all.

[T]his artificial barrier, or any other barrier, to access to prekindergarten for at-risk 4 year olds may not be enforced.

Simply put, it is the duty of the State of North Carolina to protect each and every one of these at-risk and defenseless children, and to provide them their lawful opportunity, through a quality prekindergarten program, to take advantage of their equal opportunity to obtain a sound basic education as guaranteed by the North Carolina constitution.


This goes up there with the

This goes up there with the original Lleandro decision. The shame is that we the people of NC had to go to court TWICE to ensure that at-risk children would have access to high quality early education. I hope we don't have to do it again.