College Republicans' misleading tv ad

It doesn't help when reporters legitimize deceptive astro-turfers:

Sluggish economic recovery has taken a toll on many Americans, but who knows that better than college graduates stuck moving home while they look for work?

Note to the N&O: Being creative is fine, but when you preface a story about a political ad by softening the audience, you're actually adding to the deception. What you should be asking is: If this (alleged) college kid is so poor he has to move home, how in the &*@# could he afford to run a tv ad? I'll answer that for you:

Alex served as Deputy Political Director for Alabama Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Bradley Byrne & on the Alabama Republican Party’s Steering Committee in 2010. Most recently, Alex worked at The Gula Graham Group, a Washington D.C. based political fundraising and consulting firm.

He also sits on the Board of Directors for Crossroads Generation, a SuperPAC formed by CRNC, American Crossroads, RSLC, and YRNF.

Alex now sits in the same chair that Karl Rove, Lee Atwater, Morton Blackwell, and Grover Norquist once sat.

But just because you've got a lot of money, it doesn't mean you're very smart. Here's a little copyright infringement from their Tumblr page:

It's highly possible the folks at Dos Equis would have a problem with this, and it's certain the actor would.


Great catch.

Great catch.


The kid narrating the tv ad is not Alex Shriver. He's probably a paid actor, which just adds to the deception.

2 Jobs at Starbucks

According to the phone image the recipient is Mark / Mr Jackson. The date is Sept 15, 2012, a Saturday. The email is clearly bogus because the content has been forwarded twice. The ATM screen text is bogus. One scene is shot at 1600 K Street in DC. Starbucks at that location currently has two openings

And you know what the biggest

deception of all is? The inference that the guy and his friends were avid Obama supporters four years ago.

Hopefully, most college students won't be gullible enough to fall for the ruse.

Lazy College Republicans

They didn't go very far to shoot it. The College Republicans' office is at 1500 K St NW, just a block away. Must have been on the way back from Starbucks.

The military is always an

The military is always an option if you REALLY want to quit being a burden to mommy and daddy....

CRNC update

Two of the businesses shown in the video, the sandwich shop FoBoGro and the Relaxed tanning salon are owned by Kris Hart, GWU graduate, DC businessman and former College National Republican. He is President of the Washington Circle Business Association. Hart's tenure with the CRNC was associated with questionable fundraising tactics.

According to the Relaxed Facebook Page the spa was was hiring in August for the Fall semester.

Must not be much of a circle,

if the poor college Republican kid can't get a job there. ;)

p.s. good work, Greg

You've got some mad research skills, my friend.

Foggy Bottom

Thanks. Hart started FoBoGro in July 2009, at the bottom of the recession. It seems to have taken root and "survived" the Obama presidency pretty well.


Yep. Survived selling groceries to a customer base that is probably 80% government employees. Just the kind of asshat who will be claiming that he built the place all by himself.

From out here, it's just another Republican hypocrite slopping at the public trough.

Femsa Sa of Mexico owned the

Femsa Sa of Mexico owned the Dos Equis and Tecate brand until 2010 when they sold in stock swap to Heineken. Femsa now has a 15% stake in dear friend is the daughter of the former chairman of Femsa. I have forwarded her and her husband who is on the Femsa board the photo. Just for fun mind you.

They deserve to know

It's one thing to post a picture of a politician (or even an actor) with some wise-ass commentary. But when you hijack something that's part of a multi-million-dollar ad campaign, you're walking on thin ice with heated socks.

Wow. I must be more of a Capitalist than I thought...