Comey hearing open thread



I hope you can see your way clear

to dropping your investigation into this thing I'm not really worried about because nothing wrong ever happened...

The spin

The GOP and Trumpski comrade spin on this is a mess. They're saying a) Comey's lying, b) it's all true, but Trump was too new at being President to understand what obstruction of justice is, c) it's all true, but Trump did nothing wrong, and d) Comey is a leaker (even though his meeting notes were made public after Trump tweeted about their meetings).

Reminds me of the early days of Watergate when you had Nixon sycophants saying that it happened, but Nixon wasn't involved or that if the President does it, it's not illegal.

Watergate took a good year and a half to play out and I think that's what may happen here.

The Republicans in Congress have no intention of impeaching the useful idiot that can sign any of their crazy ideas into law or digging deeper into an investigation that could turn up corruption and Russian influence among their own members or even the party itself.

If Trump doesn't get tired of the Russian nesting doll he's playing with and decide to resign in pursuit of some other shiny toy, the GOP won't impeach or encourage him to leave until it starts having an impact on their chances in the mid-terms.

The wild card in all this is Putin. Who knows what he may decide to do when he figures out that Trump and his mob are more of a liability than an asset.

They've really latched onto

that leaking thing. I made the mistake of trying to follow the #comeyday feed yesterday, and that damn thing had 200 new Tweets every five minutes or so. But the bulk of the conservative commentary was about Comey "admitting" he had leaked classified information, and should be prosecuted.

First of all, this was (supposedly, if you follow Trump's reasoning) an informal meeting between Comey and Trump, where "nothing important" was discussed. And hand-written notes about a meeting that wasn't even important hardly qualifies as any kind of national security threat. Trump does worse before breakfast every day.

But I think the thing that pisses me off the most about the Senate hearing itself, was how Republicans latched onto the word "hope," and ignored the rest of Trump's comment. If the President had said, "I hope this turns out okay," or even "I hope Mike Flynn doesn't get into too much trouble over this," this would really be a non-issue. But he didn't say that, his comment was directed at Comey's future behavior and actions, and that is fricking obstruction of justice, no matter how you parse it.