The coming era of lawlessness

You can feel it in your bones, a new era of lawlessness sweeping across the land. It is American exceptionalism at its violent worst. You're not the boss of me, and I'll kill you if you try.

For most of the past hundred years, our instinct toward bare knuckled political warfare was held in check by the threat of mutually assured destruction. Neither side was willing to push beyond the point of reasonableness for fear of existential blowback that would take the whole system out. But now all bets are off. Republican leaders yesterday stormed the gates of the World War II monument in DC, protesting their own extreme choice to shutter the government. Ted Cruz openly violated the law he is sworn to uphold. "It's okay if you're a Republican" has never been more vividly on display. The genie is out of the bottle.

What changed? It is a complex story, but the outlines are clear. First has been a steady drumbeat of right wing rhetoric about how the government uses force to collect taxes. This led to an escalating cycle of counter force, first evident in the Oklahoma City bombing by Timothy McVeigh. More recently, a host of secessionist and nullification actions from radical legislatures, including our own, have fundamentally altered assumptions about our social contract. As people feel free to pick and choose which laws they will comply with, the basis for civil order disintegrates.

This drift toward lawlessness comes at a time when our nation is more obsessed than ever with guns and property rights. Stand your ground is the new mantra of the violent right wing. This will not end well.


What's even more frightening

is how off-target some of these people are. There's ample overwhelming evidence that Republicans are the architects of the government shutdown, but when they can't get into their favorite park or memorial, all they can see is the Black Man in the White House keeping them out.

I don't expect fringe nut-jobs to operate from a logical standpoint, but the disconnect is complete. They stand ready to oppose whatever Fox News tells them to oppose, and trying to think about it before acting seems to be a sign of weakness. Which is (of course) the antithesis of what being an American should be, but that's also too much thinking.

The Right Wingers...

...are desperately fighting for their world of entitlements and exclusivity. Desperate, greedy people have little to lose - especially when they can convince others to do it for them.

Palin leads Phony Revolution and gets run over by Wheelchairs

Republican leaders yesterday stormed the gates of the World War II monument in DC, protesting their own extreme choice to shutter the government. *James Hey Boss Man! That assault on the WW2 monument was led by former 1/2 Sara Palin along with a bunch of ole white farts in govenment funded medicare wheelchairs scooters along with 1-40 Truckers who make their daily rest stops at the Golden Flesh and Fireworks Stand for a filled up with high power blow gasolina to make their day.. This is not a revolution, but a bunch of Redneck Sissies who couldn't find their way out of a Wet Paper Bag of Crap on their best day... The good news is that these fools will be the first to go to the Government Detention Mental Adjustment Centers located at the nearest NFL Football Arenas ...