Computer sez: Phil Berger is a big, fat, scumbag liar

When a state senator knowingly and repeatedly lies to the public, someone should throw his sorry ass in jail. But no one will, because lying through your teeth is the newest Republican family value.


If Berger had an ounce of integrity

he'd crawl on his knees to the front door of the legislative building and apologize to every citizen of this state.

If DAG McCrory had an ounce of integrity, he's call Berger out for being a fucking liar.

Those are two impossibly large "ifs."


You could fit all the integrity in the NC Republican party in a gnat's navel and still have room left over for three caraway seeds and Art Pope's heart.

David Esmay

would love to see that

I would pay good money to See Pat McCrory to call him out publicly but his (their) own A Pope won't allow it..

Right you are

Aside from not having the spine to cross the Puppetmaster, DAG McCrory is already proving himself to be an ineffectual pretty boy who will swallow whatever crap Pope shoves his way.

This is why I want to see someone on the front lines now ... a candidate for governor in 2016 ... who will call bullshit day-in and day-out on the Pope administration.

McCrory ran for governor for more than a decade, and still came up short. It's going to take an opponent running all out for the next four years ... and now is the time to get that opponent in the ring.


Personally I'd like to see Cal Cunningham, but he'd also be a great replacement for Burr.

David Esmay

That could be the reason why

That could be the reason why he keeps on telling lies to the people. He's too confident that he will not be jailed by that. Maybe someone who's brave enough would do it for him.