Conference on Drug Use and Sex Work in the South

Conference: “Reducing Harm & Building Communities: Addressing Drug Use in the South”
September 8 & 9, 2011, RTI International, North Carolina

Key Discussion Areas Include:
*Southern Harm Reduction 101
*Harm Reduction approaches to crack use, injection drug use and sex work
*HIV and Hepatitis C in the South
*Social justice in the South
*Harm Reduction and law enforcement
*Overdose prevention overview and program implementation
*Implementing evidenced based programs
*Advocacy strategies for individuals and communities impacted by drug use
*Mental Health, Drug Use and Harm Reduction
*Combating stigma towards drug users
*Faith and Drug Use in the South
*Fundraising and grant writing to fund programs
*Human rights of drug users and sex workers in the South
*HIV Criminalization

RTI International
3040 East Cornwallis Road
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-2194
Date: September 8- 9, 2011

Register online at


Thanks for posting this

and a belated welcome to BlueNC.

Art Benavie, an economist here in Chapel Hill, has written a fabulous book about the insane war on drugs. It's called America's Holy War ... and it is very good stuff.

Be sure to hit the economic costs to NC of perpetuating this failed policy.