Congratulations to our BlueNC candidates

Filing has closed for those wishing to run for local office and three of our own will be on the ballots in different cities in North Carolina.

Gordon Smith, a long-time friend and front pager at BlueNC is running for city council in Asheville. Gordon has been blogging for years in Asheville and used to make very frequent appearances at BlueNC. After working to unseat Charles Taylor, Gordon's attentions were turned to helping other local candidates in Asheville and now to becoming a candidate himself. I know Gordon well enough to say Asheville will be lucky to have him serving on the city council.

Jay Ovittore has also decided to throw his hat in the ring and will run for the city council in Greensboro. Jay is a well known blogger in Greensboro and saw his name recognition grow tremendously after running for congress last year. Jay announced his candidacy yesterday and I'm sure we'll be hearing more from him over the coming weeks.

Dan Besse will run for re-election to the Winston-Salem City Council. Most of you know Dan from his bid to be the Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor last year. Dan visits us frequently and is a steady and calming presence.

Mark Kleinschmidt has filed to run for mayor of Chapel Hill. Mark used to have time to visit more frequently and is well known here for his work in opposition to the death penalty. Mark is smart and compassionate and will be a terrific mayor

Good luck and thanks for stepping up to lead.

Who filed in your hometown? Are there any other interesting races out there?


Chapel HIll Mayor

Mark Kleinschmidt, occasional visitor (mostly on death penalty issues) is running for mayor in Chapel Hill.

Dammit...I knew I would forget someone

I love Mark. He's wonderful. Will add him above. Thanks for the reminder.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Thanks for letting us know!


Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.