Conservative George Will smites income redistribution...the poor, elderly and, of course, lazy.

George Will’s editorial today in our Star-News about the evils of taxation and income redistribution almost had me. As Mr. Will said, government often gives our monies to those who neither need it or deserve it. He correctly states our monies often go to powerful interests but fails to identify those parties until the end of his editorial. Reading along, one thinks he’s talking about billions in tax subsidies to already highly profitable oil companies or capital gains tax breaks for the wealthy, bail-outs given to unethical banks and investment houses, and so on.

But the end, Will tells us he is talking about those dirty conniving people who receive Social Security and Medicare. He seems to paint anyone receiving government benefits...unnamed but assumedly including unemployment or food stamps, etc., as lazy wasteful people taking monies from the virtuous and hard-working. You know, people who are jealous of what others have, but too lazy to earn it themselves. I’m surprised he didn’t attack veterans for receiving the taxpayer-funded largess of VA hospitals and services. Picture this: Jesus on the shore of the Galilee preparing to feed the multitude when Conservative Will runs up and says...”You’re not going to feed them all are you? That would be (gasp) socialism!”

Hat tip to the "Liberal Christians" page on Facebook for the line about (gasp) socialism. Lots of good stuff there that gets to the heart of the hypocrisy of "conservatives" and the evangelical right.


There's not a thing different about George Will

and his "conservative" counterparts here and across the country. They're all for tax breaks for the wealthy (and corporations) breaks that the poor and middle classes can't possibly utilize to any helpful degree. They want to constrain voting rights, toss the unemployed to the ravenous banks, and starve the poor. Anyone unlike them in economic status is clearly lazy, useless, and a burden on their society. (Oh, wait...they are needed to polish the teak on their yachts!)

What really gets my goat is the broad base of GOP supporters who are themselves very unlike the people they vote for, and whose valid interests in a better future for all are undermined by their votes. Anyone who isn't wealthy who thinks ANY of the GOP candidates is going to give a gob of spit about them is delusional.

Are Democrats making great progress in the areas of needed attention? No...but there is some progress and it's a heck of a lot better than the alternatives.

Stan Bozarth