Cooper out of Senate race


Betcha Bank Run Burr

is breathing a sigh of relief.

I have a post about this...

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I'm not happy about this!

We are going to end up letting Burr off the hook! Any other names out their?

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!


I like Grier Martin. Early Obama supporter and led NC Vets for Obama. Afghan war vet.


My guess is Heath Shuler will be asked again if he will run, if he still says no then Bobby Etheridge and Mike McIntyre will be asked I have heard Walter Dalton may be a name also. But at this point it is too early to tell.

I would rather someone that isn't a congressman

Dalton would be someone that I would support. We just got to figure something out soon. So that the party can begin to come together. I'll work for Change! Seriously if anyone needs some help with their campaign I would gladly quit my job and work for them. (Mainly cause I am much more passionate about politics than my job).

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!

Other options?

I just heard about Cooper not running. That is too bad, a strong & diverse field of candidates seemed to build the democratic party in North Carolina during the last election cycle primary & I was hoping for that again.
This article references Public Policy Polling that has Burr under 50% favorability which is the traditional sign of weakness in an incumbent (which is what Dole had before she lost to Hagan). They ran some numbers of Jim Neal (who ran against Kay in the primary last time & has some name recognition from that) & Cal Cunningham, & Jim was polling better against Burr out of those two. Although Cooper was still doing the best.

Here are a few facebook groups that might have more discussion on the topic soon if anyone wants to check out those groups/pages:

Draft Roy Cooper:

Draft Jim Neal for U.S. Senate 2010

Burr Free NC

I couldn't find "draft so & so" groups for any other names.

Thanks James

You're the best.

Wanna run for Senate?

-- A liberal originally from Yadkin County. Did I just blow your mind?


That'll be the day. I can barely run to the bathroom.

Let's draft Grier

He could have beat Liddy in my personal opinion and he, with our backing, will kick some Burr ass.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

let's get a poll up

put it to the BlueNC community. I'm interested to see what folks think.

Betsy, can you do that?

Ask and ye shall receive

Poll is up. Let me know if there are any other choices you want me to add.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Jim Neal

This should not even be a discussion. I am going to talk to Jim Neal ASAP and tell him that we need him to run. I guarantee that Jim can win this time around. Back me up on this guys and gals.

Was asked

said no.

Jim just e-mailed me back and

Jim just e-mailed me back and said if he can get enough support, he would consider running.

Tough road

That support will be hard to generate. The Democratic Party certainly isn't ready to back a gay candidate for US Senate in North Carolina. But he would put gay marriage front and center on the North Carolina political agenda. I'm not smart enough to know how all that would play out.

A Progressive Candidate

With the progress NC has made on the bullying bill, and on the sex ed bill, & in opposing the marriage equality constitutional ban, I think that NC is a little less prudish than it used to be.

But I believe Neal wouldn't run a campaign as the "gay candidate," instead he'd be running as a socially progressive, financially responsible candidate. With a quarter of a million votes in NC last time, I think there is reason to think he could be a strong candidate with enough support.

And he's not the first gay candidate around. I mean we've had a gay mayor here in the triangle before (Mike Nelson who has been in the news lately for saving libraries)whose name has been thrown around for statewide positions before.

"isn't ready to back a gay candidate"

I hadn't seen this list before until about 2 minutes ago.

Current Openly LGBT Officials

Julia Boseman

* N.C. Senate - District 9 (elected 2005-Present)
* New Hanover County Commission (elected 2000-2004)

Mike Nelson

* Orange County Commission (elected 2006-Present)
* Carrboro Mayor (elected 1995-2005)
* Carrboro Board of Aldermen (elected 1993-1995)

Ernest Fleming

* Warren County Commission (elected 2006-Present)

Elic Senter

* Franklinton Mayor (elected 2007-Present)

Mark Kleinschmidt

* Chapel Hill City Council (elected 2001-Present)

Nancy R. Caviness

* Duck City Council (appointed, serving third term)

Lydia Lavelle

* Carrboro Board of Aldermen (elected 2007-Present)

Janet Pepin

* Boone City Council (elected 2005-Present)

Carolyn Hutchison

* Carrboro Police Chief (appointed 1998-Present)

Past Openly LGBT Officials

John Arrowood

* Court of Appeals Judge (appointed 8/2007-12/2008)
* Special Superior Court Judge (appointed 3/2007-8/2007)

Gloria Faley

* Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board (elected 1999-2003)

Scott Herman

* Cabarrus Soil & Water Conservation Board (elected 2000-2008)

Joe Herzenberg

* Chapel Hill City Council (appointed 1980-1981, elected 1987-1993)
* First openly gay elected official in North Carolina

Ray Warren

* Superior Court Judge (elected* 1994-2002)

That's a great list. Thanks for posting it.

I'm not sure how much it says about the Senate race and Democratic Party in North Carolina, but it's an impressive list nonetheless.

Correct me if I'm wrong...

Isn't the whole litmus test of a "progressive candidate" the same type of thinking that pushed moderates such as Arlen Specter out of the Republican Party? Do we really want to go to that extreme of "purity"? Democrats need to realize we can't and shouldn't run the same type of candidates in all partisan races. It's disheartening to me that people like Kirstin Gillibrand may face a primary opponent in NY because she's a more moderate, centrist Democrat. Though I do believe she'll rise to the occasion and may be the one we run in 2016 if not Hillary or Tim Kaine. But that's another story.

I don't worry about litmus tests in the Big Tent

Centrists run the Democratic Party in North Carolina, as well they should. Progressives are good for whatever contributions and general election votes they can provide along the way.

In the meantime, those of us out on the left wing make our brethren and sistern in the middle look all the more reasonable by comparison. Bob Orr once joked with me that I needed to attack him more often so he'd look more palatable to the rabid right (my words, not his).