As corruption potential goes, the Carolinas are the worst

From open records to hiding budgets to sleeping with lobbyists (literally), the Carolinas flunked the State Integrity test. North Carolina finished 43rd while SC finished dead last.

If Pat McRomney and his cohorts in crime (literally) own the statehouse this Fall, we're screwed sixty ways to Sunday. At least with Perdue, she used the Veto. McRomney will hand over this state to his corporate masters in a heartbeat -- especially with the help of Tweedle Dee (Tillis) and Tweedle Dum (Berger) in the driver's seat.

I fear for the future.


Correction. 21st.

My apologies. I did indeed cite the wrong number for NC. I looked at a list from another source that had it wrong as well. 21st is much better than 43 for sure (although SC is still dead last).



I would put 21st in the category of "average." Why is it that leaders in North Carolina seem so willing to fall into the middle of the pack on something so important as transparency?

Why shouldn't North Carolina strive be FIRST in transparency? That's a question Pat McCrory can't even ask, let alone answer.

I agree

We should always be fighting for the top spot.