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You have to love the meltdown going on in the Party of Greed these days. The N&O's Under the Dome brings us the latest installment, courtesy of theocrat Coy Privette.

Former state Rep. Coy Privette, a veteran of GOP politics, started a Web site Thursday, questioning the conservative credentials of Salisbury lawyer Bill Graham, a likely candidate for governor in 2008. Privette said he has known Graham for 30 years and never viewed him as a conservative.

"I've been watching all these TV ads," Privette said. "Bill Graham is trying to sell himself as a conservative. To Republicans in North Carolina living up here in this neck of the woods, I know he is not a conservative." criticizes Graham for being a trial lawyer, for making contributions to Democratic judges and for giving a donation to Mike Easley when he was attorney general in 1999.

This is really wonderful. Coy Boy is pushing Billy Bob to get in line with the government-haters. Which leaves the Fred "the Asphalt King" Smith free to push for his own version of smaller government while he sucks up more state contracts for his paving bidness. What fun!


Coy Boy is pushing Billy Bob

Coy Boy is pushing Billy Bob to get in line with the government-haters. * Former Paving Subcontractor on I-40 Durham

Don't worry! Billy Bob is striking back at Senior GOP citizen former state Rep. Coy Privette, with a website to counteract Coy's site.

It's called "Stop senior moments by Rep Coy"...In fact, Billy Bob is taking no prisoners in this private funeral GOP war with a backup site. " Pave Fred back into the Stone Age and tax his Lawnboy tractor"


just sit back

and enjoy. bring a video camera so we can destroy whoever ends up coming out of this.

BTW- the GOP presidential fight is going to be just as fun as this, but with more idiots and a ton more money.

"Keep the Faith"

Privette the circus clown

People here in Cabarrus County know all about Coy Privette. They probably best know him from watching him on TV as he makes a complete circus out of most of our County Commission meetings that are broadcast on the local Govt. Cable channel.
Coy is an extreme right wing republican baptist preacher and one of our Commissioners in our all republican County Commission.
He's despised by the majority of the local republican party, because he accuses all other county commissioners of being RINO's. He tries to create scandals around the other commissioners and they're so sick of him that in the past election some of them supported a Democratic candidate in order to finally get rid of him.
They said that getting a Democratic Commissioner would be "taking one step back in order to take 2 forward".
Unfortunately Coy got once again re-elected, mainly because he's the only candidate out of Kannapolis, one of the 2 bigger cities in Cabarrus County. He probably also got a lot of votes from people who like entertaining TV.
Coy himself doesn't have a website, but one of his biggest supporters, Harold Smith, has one. If you're up for a laugh I invite you to visit this site.
Be warned though...the spelling of that guy is a lot worse than mine and English is my THIRD language.

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