CQ beats a dead horse, bets on McCrory in the 8th

Apparently, any Republican with a pulse is a potential candidate for the 8th District no matter how unlikely the candidacy. CQ is pushing the rumor that Pat McCrory is a potential candidate for a run against Larry Kissell. I guess they had to have something to talk about.

Pat McCrory has no trouble promoting Pat McCrory, so traveling to Raleigh (not in the 8th) to bash available, affordable health care is right up his alley. However, he isn't stupid enough to run and lose in the 8th and think that after two very visible losses he will have much of a shot at running and winning again.

Anyone who thinks a man from one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the Great State of Mecklenburg is an appealing candidate to voters in a rural district like North Carolina's 8th, doesn't have a clue when it comes to North Carolina politics. Pat McCrory might not have a clue about much, but I think he gets this one.



Thanks for this update. The R's are in such disarray they'll grasp hold of almost anything in hopes of finding a silver bullet.

I think you are right on the money with this Betsy

McCrory isn't exactly the type of guy the people in the 8th will relate to. For that matter, Hayes shouldn't have been either, but to paraphrase James, the Republicans are looking for any port in a storm right now.

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Anybody with a pulse will do...

I just don't think Pat wants to be a member of congress after his stint as mayor of the largest city in North Carolina. That's probably a step down in his mind.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

They just want to keep his name out there.

I think he is going to wait 6 years and Run against Kay Hagan. He has no chance of winning against any congressional Democrat because he will be seen as an Carpetbagging opportunist!

Anthony D. Hall,

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Nah, he'll run for governor

Nah, he'll run for governor again. It's only taken Perdue six months to achieve an approval rating even worse than George Bush.

Pulse and not much else

If you think Larry Kissell has a hard time raising money in the 8th, let Linwood give it a go. Robin Hayes is carrying debt and won't be passing out those big bouncing cardboard checks to potential candidates and having access to Hayes' email/mailing list isn't going to do much good for a two-time political loser who intends to make himself unemployed in order to run for a political office he doesn't have a snowball's chance on a warm day of winning.

I know a lot of Republicans and I might think they are politically stupid, but most of them aren't stupid when it comes to parting with large sums of money to support a politically unsuccessful, unknown candidate with no name recognition beyond Hope Mills.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.