Cronyism and nepotism driving the charter school bus

The invisible hand picking the public's pocket:

But here’s another happy charter story. The president pro tem of the State Senate is Phil Berger Sr., who is responsible for legislation authorizing charters, vouchers, and the virulent anti-teacher legislation that is causing many veteran teachers to leave the state. You might call him North Carolina’s one-man wrecking crew of public education, except he has plenty of helpers in the legislature.

So who do you think is opening charters and getting in on the ground floor of the biggest new education industry opportunity in North Carolina? Phil Berger, Jr. No conflict there. Daddy passes the law, and junior cashes in.

But they don't see a conflict, because "ethics" is not in their dictionary. And of course the propaganda mill known as the John Locke Foundation is neck-deep in this story:

Look at North Carolina. There, the red red legislature passed charter legislation. Not all charter teachers need certification. Some people with good friends are getting very rich, like Baker Mitchell, who is on the board of the libertarian John Locke Society, which was created by zillionaire Art Pope, who happens to be state budget director. Mitchell collects rent on charters, which provide him with a few millions a year. Nice. He also sits on the state advisory board on charters.

Once again, firm evidence Republicans either don't understand conflicts of interest, or they just don't care. Take your pick. If you're inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt and choose the "ignorance" option, that still makes them unfit to steer the ship of state.


JLF's watchdog status revoked

When Democrats were in charge, JLF and Civitas didn't miss a single opportunity to point out even a marginal conflict of interest on boards and commissions, or in appointments to leadership positions in the Executive Branch.

But since the GOP took over and has written a whole new book on appointing people who are ethically or ideologically the worst possible candidates for these positions, not a peep out of the puppets.

Some have posited that we (at BlueNC) are their opposing force; the left's version of JLF, as it were. I would dispute that, because we have done more than our fair share of criticizing Democrats over the years. And that hasn't come without a cost. There are more than a couple of the movers and shakers in the Democratic Party that would breathe a sigh of relief if we shut down. Don't hold that breath.


and there will be a few more wishing we'd shut down after the truth comes out this fall.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Ms. Cronyism

I would like to introduce you to my cousin, Mr. Nepotism.

There's a big evolutionary debate going on, a bet on whether ya'll are breeding like bunnies or wobbling on your last leg.

Breeding like bunnies is the odds-on favorite.