Cunningham should drop the runoff

Check out

Historically, run-offs can be won in NC but usually the opponents are only 1% or 2% apart, not 10%. Cal is wasting a lot of time and money just to lose, as the News-Record said, “bad move” Cal. We need to stand united in order to take down Burr in November. Cal, it is time to put personal ambition aside and do what is best for NC, drop the runoff.


"Personal ambition"

The more I see this, the madder I get. Trust me, you don't want that.

Lewis voter here

" PPP's Tom Jensen says Marshall begins the runoff campaign "strongly favored" over Cunningham. Not only did she win more votes yesterday, but most supporters of the four trailing candidates say they prefer Marshall to Cunningham."

Get as mad as you want scharrison but I am one of those supporters of the four trailing candidates and I will be voting for Marshall in June. I went back and forth between Lewis and Marshall throughout and I voted for Lewis in the end. I have no doubt in my mind that the Cunningham team will get dirty or a surrogate campaign paid for by the DSCC will help him out with that so he can say "it wasn't me". You have threatened and threatened on here scharrison for weeks and I for one am tired of it (but I'm sure this is all playing into your grand scheme). You sound like a child drawing a line in the sand and redrawing it as the other child steps closer.

"Frankly, Scarlet..."

You know the rest. Actually, I think Rhett Butler said, "Frankly, my dear..." instead of Scarlet. But I still don't give a damn that you're tired of me.

I've been writing here for years and only a teeny tiny portion of that has been penned by Evil Steve, so gimme a break.

When does a final decision have to be made?

I don't know how I feel about the idea of a runoff yet or not, but just for my own edification, when does a final decision have to be made? When does the Board of Elections need to know by whether or not they have to print the ballots and set up the polling stations and what not?

Elaine's position on run-off elections, for the record:

From 2002:

Marshall was quoted in Congressional Quarterly as saying "from the party standpoint, to have a candidate where more people have voted against them than for them does not bode for success."

And she really, I think, has a solid point there.

So are all candidates declared losers

...if they don't hit 40%?

I've got plenty of write-in names if everyone drops out.


you sure you want to play that game?

the "see if we can find something a candidate said a few years ago that is contrary to a current position" game?


"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

I was always a fan of Tim Russert

I'm ok with the "Gotcha!" - it happens, and the skill is in how you respond to it.

I'm glad to see that Frank has mastered math and knows that Elaine got less than half of the vote, since his candidate hasn't. Apparently to Cunningham, 63.6% is "over two thirds." I guess that's playing the "find something they said today" game.

But I'd only bring up something like that if I were making a petty response to a petty comment ;-)

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fuzzy math....

Ok, so if Cal's team is claiming 'nearly 2/3 of the voters voted against Elaine' then that would mean that nearly 75% of the voters voted against Cal...think about it.

Silence is Betrayal

Would Cunningham be better

Would Cunningham be better off folding his hand in order to better position himself in the future? If he is in the runoff and loses as will more than likely happen he will have not lost one statewide election but TWO statewide elections. If he takes the role of humble team player, campaigns a little to help Elaine in the general perhaps he can position himself for a future run for statewide office. Two high profile loses for a young up and comer would seem to make one in danger of fast becoming damaged goods. A flash in the pan if you will. Just thinking outloud here. Any thoughts?

I'm a moderate Democrat.

You have the correct response....

I was not sure which of these two candidates would get my vote, until it was apparent that the nat'l Dems wanted Cunningham. That was like the 'kiss of death' for me, so I voted for Marshall. But I do think Cunningham would be a plus for the NC Democratic party.

I support Elaine but I like Cal

The outcome of a 2nd primary is whoever wins is going to be so far behind the eight ball raising the 10 million dollars it will take for the general that it will be almost impossible for them to do so.

I agree that Cal has a good future in the party IF he takes his lumps like a man, helps pull the party together, helps raise money, and does all he can to help Elaine get elected. If Elaine wins or loses,
Cal still wins and is in a good future position.

He will at that time, have a pile of chips in the big game. Everybody will remember him as a stand up guy and be ready to get onboard. He has a choice in the party, to be the man of the hour or a pariah.

I hope that for his future and for the party he will resend his call for a runoff.

But if he keeps it up with this runoff, win or lose, he should be ready to take a long walk off a short political pier.

I know I for one

have come close to donating a few different times, but as a student now (rather than being employed full time as I was during the last election cycles) I've stopped myself, preferring to wait until I'm sure I'm donating to whoever will be going up against Burr.

Given the tight economy I think others might be doing the same.

I was prepared to give a donation, however small it might be, as soon as the primary was over. Looks like it'll probably be several more weeks until that happens.

I don't fault the Cal campaign for calling for a runoff, he is well within the rules with the option of requesting one, and to be a functional democracy we have to stick to & play by the rules we set up in advance of an election.

I hope they both get some free media out of this if he continues with the runoff, and I hope they don't waste too much money doing the expensive micro-targeting that some have suggested on BlueNC will be done for really low turnout races as an off year primary runoff is likely to be.

From the DailyKos Victory Speech

Team Elaine posted a victory speech over at Dkos. I will paste my comments from there here:

I have thought over and over about whether to post a comment on this. But what the heck.

First, I think Elaine ran a good campaign. And yeah, I would be a bit pissed if the DSCC picked a primary rival to support as well.

Second, I do congratulate Elaine for getting the primary. But I find this victory letter/diary to be, well, less than classy.

Look, I voted for Cal not because I had anything against Elaine, but because he was highly recommended to me by people that I really trust (not DC insiders).

But, I have said in various forums that I would support whoever the Democratic nominee happens to be, and I stand by that.

Finally, I don't mind the post per se. Matter of fact the idea of it was fine. It is the tone that unnerves me.

If Elaine had gotten the requisite votes to win I would jump and and down and tell you how excited I would be to move forward with you guys. But to post a victory speech, when over 60% of the voters picked another candidate, is just unseemly.

Why not just say that all the candidates ran good campaigns. That the people have spoken and want to give two particular candidates a second look before making their final decision. And that you are open to allowing a more thorough airing of your positions.

If the roles were reversed, I would be bitching at Cal for doing the same. And I will say that the first candidate to go negative on the other during the runoff process, regardless of which candidate it is, will automatically hand my vote to the other.

Great job in the campaign. Elaine is a great candidate. And you can count on my support in the general is she wins the runoff. But let's not start gloating and bashing, please.

Darren, NC

I half agree

Bashing should be avoided, but gloating, bragging, and boasting about how you're the best candidate for the job is all a part of the game and is exactly what a campaign is.

And more than any poll, being the top vote getter in an actual election says something about viability and momentum.