Cut the crap. Fill the seat.

Republicans are whining again that mean old Governor Perdue is planning an appointment to fill the recently vacated seat on the North Carolina Supreme Court ... gasp ... instead of handing the task over to His Magnificent Presence. She should move ahead with her plans no matter what.

Timmons-Goodson announced her resignation last week, and Perdue has expressed an intention to fill the seat before Republican Gov.-elect Pat McCrory takes office in January.

That would probably require Perdue to dispense with the 18-member commission for nominating judges. Perdue’s own executive order calls for the governor to choose from among three candidates nominated by that commission. People close to the nominating process say it would probably take longer than the four weeks remaining until McCrory’s inauguration.

As we know, Art Pope has already set the bar for what it takes to be on the NC Supreme Court, having purchased a leather-covered seat last month for Paul Newby. That said, Governor Perdue may need a little help in finding the best person to fill the empty spot. There are many good options.

The obvious choice is Sam Ervin, who would have won the election in November if Pope hadn't intervened. If Ervin isn't interested, an equally powerful choice would be North Carolina's progressive hero, Gene Nichol. In either case, we don't need a nominating committee or a long, drawn out process. We need an appointment, not a bunch of drama, and we need it now.